3 Basement Remodeling Pitfalls to Consider

Common Mistakes Basement Finish Specialists

Basement remodeling projects require a lot of work and foresight. However, some issues can be very problematic if they’re not addressed from the beginning. Here are three of the most pressing matters that you should discuss with a knowledgeable remodeling experts:


  1. First, ask yourself this: is your basement completely dry all year round? It won’t help to install any luxury finishes in the summer and then have them destroyed by moisture or flooding a few months later. Still, this is one of the main pitfalls that homeowners don’t know about. To avoid it, coordinate with your remodeling contractor and make sure you find solutions such as improved ventilation and/or materials that aren’t easily affected by mold or humidity.
  2. The second pitfall to avoid is the installation of carpeting without a proper subfloor system. Your subfloor will help to protect your carpets and underlay from mold buildup due to direct contact with the basement’s concrete flooring. Aside from protecting your carpets, the subfloor will also ensure that your basement stays warm during the year’s colder months.
  3. Depending on the way you’re going to use your basement from now on, soundproofing might also be essential. If you want to make it into a music room or game room for the kids, you’ll need to make sure the noise and music will not wake anyone up from their nap. Similarly, if you build your own relaxation room or home office in the basement, you have to make sure you won’t be bothered or distracted by anything or anyone on the outside.  Basement Finish Specialists can be the answer to your basement remodel at https://aurorabasements.com/.
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