3 Creative Ideas for Finishing Your Basement

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Basement finishing is no easy task, especially if your basement is prone to flooding and the amount of available light is not as much as you’d want. The following basement finishing Centennial tips will help you out in those regards and assist you in turning your basement into a beautiful as well as versatile living space:


  1. The advantage of stone and masonry is that it can make your basement look like a medieval castle without sacrificing the “coolness factor” and without impairing its practical qualities. Stone and masonry are some of the best materials you can use when you know that your basement is prone to flooding and condensation, and you want to avoid materials and fabrics that can easily be damaged by water.
  2. Use wood accents that aren’t actually wood, and you’ll be able to give your basement that warm and genuine feel of a wooden design while keeping it durable at the same time. Faux wood paneling and flooring can help you with that and give your basement an amazing and genuine looking wood design, but without the extensive maintenance and possible damage that actual wood might be associated with.
  3. A focus on light and shadow will help to make your basement look great and maximize the amount of natural light that it receives. Reflective surfaces such as marble and granite will help with that, and you can also place mirrors and LED accent lights strategically to play with light and shadow and give your basement the perfect look.
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