3 Great Trends Basement Remodelers Would Recommend

Basement Refinishing Large Open Concept Family Room


The times when basements were considered an unused, useless space are now history. As a matter of fact, there are many great trends that basement remodelers would surely recommend to any homeowner, regardless of the exact type and architecture of their house.

Here are 3 great trends to consider in 2022:

  1. Open concept is still highly fashionable –this means that the current trend is that of removing walls and creating a perfectly livable space in just one room. For basements which have a smaller size, this Centennial basement refinishing trend makes it possible to use the space to the maximum, especially when this design is accompanied by proper lighting and practical appliances.
  2. Using wooden elements can add more of a natural touch to your basement. We could definitely say that wood always makes a room appear more comfortable, even when the light is less strong. And if you have an ecological project, you can even use reclaimed wood.
  3. Arched shelving can add more personality to your basement, and also a charming overall appearance. As a matter of fact, integrated furniture is very much in fashion these days, and that includes your basement area. You can use this feature for your home office, recreational area or walk-in closet.
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