3 Pitfalls to Look for in Basement Remodels


basement ligihting design remodel home project

Inadequate waterproofing

First of all and regardless of the chosen destination, the basement must be sealed so that moisture does not penetrate inside. Professional waterproofing solutions must be used, which, in addition to their sealing role, also have the role of preventing the formation of mold. Waterproofing should be applied in at least two layers, so that its final thickness is at least 2 mm.

Use of inappropriate adhesives

Depending on the cladding of the floor and the walls (in case of choosing this form of finishing) the adhesives are chosen. They can be based on mineral binders (cement), dispersed or based on reactive resins. The most commonly used are cement-based adhesives.

The use of appropriate adhesives is essential, as the use of products with insufficient characteristics can compromise the project, and the damage is usually significant.

Improper lighting

Any basement remodeling Centennial project needs adequate lighting. Light has the power to relax or restrict the volumes, so the type and location of the lighting fixtures are important. They must be chosen according to the destination of the basement and placed so as to create a space as generous as possible. Polished natural stone reflects light, enlarging spaces. A mirror place in front of a light source also spreads the rays. Both variants can direct the light to illuminate darker areas.

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