Are Fireplaces A Good Idea In A Basement?

Basement Fireplace Refinishing

Fireplaces represent a great feature in a house and it now becomes a part of basements too, considering that people remodel their basements, transforming them into extra rooms with various destinations.

A fireplace will add glow and warmth, especially that you are likely to feel more chill in the basement, even if it doesn`t look like a basement anymore. You can also create a beautiful focal point and great ambiance by installing a fireplace in the basement with a basement refinishing centennial contractor.

Installation of a fireplace is not complicated, but your main priority should be to ensure safety. You must consider proper ventilation, but thanks to technological enhancements, chimneys are not necessary. You can opt for a fireplace with a direct venting system, which does not pull the air from the inside of your room. This is definitely a bonus when it comes to a basement fireplace.

Another option is a ventless fireplace, if you do not mind its smaller size and the reduced capacity of producing heat.

To make the right decision, you should also weight other pros and cons. Do you prefer a gas fireplace or a wood burning fireplace? Are aesthetics essential for you? Do you want to reach a certain level of energy efficiency? Make sure you consider all your preference and evaluate the available types of chimneys that could match your basement, before making an actual purchase.

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