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The Average Cost of Finishing Your Basement

The average cost of a basement refinishing project can be anywhere between $6,500 and $30,500, even higher. The costs that you will need to deal with depend on numerous factors – here are some: The size of the basement – the larger the basement, the more material is needed for the refinishing process and the […]

Great Ideas for Your New Basement

Basements are versatile spaces with endless potential – while many people use their basements only for storing objects that they use rarely or never, your basement can be converted to serve any purpose, from guest space to the extension of the living space upstairs and from entertainment space to a refuge where you can enjoy […]

Is A Finished Basement A Good Investment?

Finishing your basement is naturally worthwhile for any homeowner – if you are planning to stay in your home for many more years, a basement finishing Tuscany area project will add extra living space and comfort to your home; if you are planning to sell your property soon, your new basement will add extra value […]