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Basement Finishing Littleton

Littleton is a family-friendly suburb of Denver, south of downtown and to the west of Centennial. This tight-knit community offers great educational opportunities, plenty of green space outside the city, and gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains. With just over 44,000 residents, Littleton is a great place to settle down if you want the convenience of the city with a small-town feel.

Does your Littleton home boast great basement space that just needs to be finished? Now is the time to think about completing it. Here’s why.

Finished Basement Benefits for Colorado Homeowners

There are many benefits to having a completed basement, chief among them being the overall value it adds to your home. The cost of finishing a basement is much less compared to adding on, and it can increase the resale value of your property by thousands of dollars.

What Can You Do with a Finished Basement?

A comfortable basement with completed floors, walls, and plumbing, can offer many opportunities for your living space. You can:

Store Valuables Safely

Finished basements provide extra storage space so you can keep your belongings safe in a climate-controlled space without having to rent a separate storage unit.

Entertain Guests

Watch the Broncos play in your home theater, or host a pool tournament if you’ve got the tables. Your basement can be outfitted with a kitchenette or bar for drinks and snacks, surround sound, and other amenities that take entertainment to the next level.

Protect Your Family from Inclement Weather

While Colorado isn’t exactly Tornado Alley, inclement weather still comes around from time to time, leaving homeowners seeking refuge in dark, dank unfinished basements until the threat is over. With a completed basement, taking shelter is far less stressful and disruptive to your life, especially for young children. Get cozy on the downstairs sofa, turn on a movie, and ride out the storm in comfort.

Expand Your Total Usable Living Space

Adding onto your home when you need more living space can be a challenge. Zoning laws may prevent you from adding on to certain areas of your home, leaving you with limited options. Most basements are roughly the same size as the home above, which means that finishing your basement could potentially double your living space! Completing the lower level of your home instead of adding on also preserves precious outdoor space.

Grow Your Income

The vacation rental market has changed drastically over the years and Denver tourists are no longer flocking to expensive hotels for accommodations. Owner rental platforms like VRBO and Airbnb have made it easier than ever for homeowners to rent out extra space for the weekend, or longer.

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Don’t wait to get a quote to finish your Littleton, Colorado basement. At Basement Finishing Specialists, we can transform your barely-functional lower level into a warm, comfortable space you can use for family, entertaining, shelter, and more. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service, and our basement projects take just four to six weeks from start to finish. Contact our basement contractors in Littleton today to learn more at (303) 366-3994.

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