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Basement Finishing Lone Tree

South of Centennial sits Lone Tree, Colorado, a gorgeous and quaint mountain town perfect for homeowners looking to settle down. The town is only a 15-minute commute to Denver, making it easy to enjoy both city conveniences and the comfort of living outside the hustle. Homes in the area are spacious, ranch-style abodes that capture the quintessential mountain living feel. If your Lone Tree home has an unfinished basement, there’s no better time than now to complete the job. Here’s why.

Increase Your Home’s Value by Thousands

Adding on to your home can be a nightmare — if you can get past zoning laws, you’ll eat up precious yard space (and your wallet) by building on to the outside of your house. Finishing a basement, however, costs significantly less than adding on, requires no zoning approval, and increases your home’s value by thousands of dollars.

Finished Basement Options

There are many ways to use a finished basement. Once the flooring is down and the paint has dried, you can transform your new space into a:


One of the most popular ways to use the completed lower level of a home is as a den, or a general family room. Furnish it like you might furnish your living room, with comfortable seating and entertainment options.

Home Theater

Want to take entertainment to the next level? Create a home theater by installing theater seating (or a few cozy recliners) and a jumbo television. Opt for a movie projector on a blank wall and surround sound if you want the full experience.

Weather Shelter

Your finished basement can double as a shelter in case of inclement weather, which is a far more comfortable way to ride out a storm than in a dark, musty corner under the house or in a hallway closet.

Rental Unit

If your basement boasts basic living amenities like a bathroom, bedroom, and even a kitchenette, you can use your basement to earn rental income. Sign up for VRBO or AIrbnb and list your property for Denver tourists to rent for football games, meetings, and other events.

Storage Unit

Paying for a storage unit outside your home is more than just an extra expense — it’s a hassle to move your belongings to and from the unit and to make sure they’re protected from the elements. Your basement can provide climate-controlled storage for holiday decorations, furniture not in use, and keepsakes.

Game Room

Create the ultimate entertainment space in your finished basement. A pool table, dartboard, and a wet bar can make a great adult wind-down spot. Or, opt for a family-friendly version with a snack area, video game corner, and a table big enough for multiplayer board games.

Thinking About Finishing Your Lone Tree Basement? Call Basement Finishing Specialists Today

A finished basement can double your home’s usable living space, completely transforming the way you use your house. At Basement Finishing Specialists, we take pride in being able to provide complete basement finishing for Lone Tree residents in just four to six weeks. Contact us today to speak with our experienced basement contractors in Lone Tree at (303) 366-3994.

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