Basement Remodeling Ideas for Wine Collectors

Basement Remodel New Home Southshore

If you’re passionate about wine and you want to become a wine collector – or even if you’re just thinking of expanding on your existing collection and need a place to store everything properly – basement remodeling can come to your aid. Basement remodeling Southshore area contractors are able to completely transform your basement, so it will  be exactly like an awesome wine cellar from the movies.


You’ll find that you can opt for a lot of different solutions and ideas to turn your basement into something that resembles a genuine wine cellar:


  • A classic wine cellar with wooden racks and a good layout for keeping wine bottles safe from damage and well-organized;
  • A modern style wine cellar with metallic wine cellar racks that are stacked up from floor to ceiling;
  • A french style wine cellar that looks like an ornate cave or a room in an 18th century castle, filled with ornate furniture, expensive rugs and torch-style lighting.


It’s very important, of course, to call your basement remolders and ask them to inspect your basement before they get started on any of the work. Repairs could be needed, and if your basement tends to flood frequently, you’ll have to address that problem first. You will not want your precious new wine cellar to sustain water damage within the first few weeks of its inception.

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