Should You Spend More on High End Finishing Products for Your Basement?

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A remodeled basement will add to the overall value of the home, but it is important to understand that this type of project does not necessarily create a net profit for the homeowner. Sometimes spending more on high end finishing products for your basement may not be such a good investment.

The value side of the equation is a potential problem for the homeowner. The appraisers do not measure the square meters in the basement at the same rate as the square meters above the ground. Typically, evaluators will estimate the finished space in the basement at not more than 60% of the value of the square meters above the ground. This is why experts recommend keeping the basement remodeling budget between 5-10% of the value of the house. Moving over this percentage by spending more on high end finishing products that have only an aesthetic value does not help the evaluation; it is as if you have improved the basement too much.

Answering the question “How much value does a finished basement add to the house?” is not so easy. But the homeowner who consults with a professional before starting a basement finishing Forest Trace area project is making the right choice. An understanding of both the local market and the valuation guidelines is needed in order to provide valuable advice on this topic.

How Good Are Basement Remodelers in Suggesting Original Remodels?

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If you are planning a basement remodeling project, you should know that not all basement remodelers are equally good at suggesting original remodels. So, you will have to choose a professional company with a lot of experience and an attractive portfolio in which to find unique solutions.

That being said, follow these tips and you will hire the most suitable interior design company to transform your basement into a comfortable space that will add value to your home.

Identify your style

Document yourself and browse web sites that might give you some ideas. Knowing your style is vital in finding the right professional for your basement remodeling mission. Many designers, instead of being able to adapt to the client’s preferences, have their own style, beyond the limits of which they do not want to step. Stay away from them, as they are unlikely to suggest you original remodels.

Keep your mind open

Even when your ideas are similar, you may not think the same about certain details. Be flexible and do not give up on a professional basement remodeler just because you didn’t like a suggestion they have made. At the same time, make sure they do not try to impose that suggestion on you just because it is easier and more convenient for them.  Look to one of the best in basement remodeling in your area at that offers originality on every finish.

The Purposes Served by a Refinished Basement

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When it comes to basement finishing, there are a lot of things you can do. But most people don’t even imagine the many practical benefits and purposes that might be associated with this type of project. Here are just some of them:


  • Even if you don’t change its function at all, a refinished basement can still increase the value of your home. Adding new materials, improving the look and making sure that your refinished basement is more livable will be enough to attract new home buyers and get that thumbs up from the home appraiser.
  • Another benefit is that the new finishing materials will ensure greater endurance. After you replaced the flooring, for example, you’ll find that it will withstand flooding more easily and that you won’t have to deal with bad odors and mold for quite some time. If you also set up quality windows and seal up all the little cracks where water might seep in during a storm, then you’ll really be all set.
  • Finally a basement refinishing Centennial project can serve a variety of purposes for expanding your living area. If you plan to have parties, you can turn it into a lounge or a second living space complete with an entertainment unit. For your kids, you can prepare a cool game room or a home theater where they can watch their favorite movies and cartoons with the entire family. In this case, you’ll literally only be limited by your own imagination.

Important Tasks in Any Basement Remodeling Project

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When you get a new basement remodel it’s very essential that you take into account all the different tasks that go into it. Some examples include planning, tearing up existing finishing items and materials, getting new furniture and getting all the finishing touches ready before the project is done.  Better yet, get some of the best in basement remodeling with Basement Finish Specialists in Aurora, who have all the knowledge in products and processes.


Basement finishing and basement remodeling go hand in hand. When you get a basement remodel, you’ll have to make sure that you have the right materials for painting the walls, setting up the flooring and putting up windows, doors, surfaces such as tables and anything else you might need in your shiny new basement.


The planning process is very important, because it not only takes into account the items and materials that will be set up in your basement, but also how they will be set up, which materials to choose to avoid having to do repairs all the time, and how to go about setting up everything in a practical amount of time.


Aside from planning and basement finishing, you’ll also have to consider setting up the right furniture and appliances. You might want a second lounge or living area, for instance, in which case you might need a good couch, some coffee tables, maybe a small refrigerator and a nice wide screen TV.



Basement Finishing Projects That Increase Your Property’s Value

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Basement remodeling is usually a lot of work. Compared to bathroom and kitchen remodels, it can take a lot to turn your basement into livable space and also ensure that it won’t be affected by flooding, or that it won’t succumb to humidity and mold over time.


Nevertheless, basement finishing projects might even cost a little more, but they will increase your property’s value to a great extent. So it’s definitely a good investment to consider a basement remodel, especially if you choose a goal that local home buyers will love.


Some of the most popular basement remodeling projects include setting up a home theater, building a second living room and creating a soundproof, acoustically enhanced music room for young musicians to practice in. If you’re planning to keep the home for yourself and your family, any of these projects will turn out to be very helpful, especially if you have kids. For yourself, you can also consider a well-designed man cave or lounge.


Of course, there’s no specific basement remodeling project that can be considered ideal. To find the best one that home buyers might want, consider what someone moving to your neighborhood might be looking for. Based on your profiling of potential home buyers, you’ll know for example, if they’re more likely to prefer a lively music room or game room, or if they just want some additional living space for their large family.  Be sure to get on the schedule for this Spring at and have it ready to enjoy soon.

Types of Basement Finishing That Last a Long Time

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If you’re thinking of getting your basement remodeled, there are many basement finishing Tuscany community options you can consider. Although  some of these might be more difficult than others, they are well worth it in terms of how long they can last, especially if you plan to sell the home and the buyer brings in an appraiser that is very thorough in their investigation.


Basement remolders will tell you that the process itself will be more difficult if you use certain materials that are stronger and longer lasting. Many of these materials are heavy, and they also require being handled and used with care. Certain types of masonry and paint, as well as any extra insulation you might need to use in order to prevent the cold from setting in will fall into these categories.


If you need to install stone, granite or various types of tiles to prevent moisture from affecting your floor and other surfaces, that will take longer to install as well. Moreover, it will also be more expensive, but at least you’ll know that you won’t have anything to worry about long term.


Hiring the best basement remodeling professionals is essential if you want your project to be a success. Basement Finish Specialists is one of the best companies to work with, and their friendly and dependable experts will always know how to advise you properly, so you can opt for the best materials on the market.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Remodeling Your Basement

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If you ask basement remodelers, they will tell you that a Centennial basement remodeling job will be an exciting prospect. However, as you might expect there are certain pitfalls you will have to guard against, and money isn’t always the only thing you can lose. Here are a few of the most important and sometimes dangerous pitfalls to consider:


  • Not accounting for precipitation and the elevation of your basement or the slope on which your house was built is a pretty big mistake. For instance, you might leave windows that will constantly leak rainwater into your basement every time it rains, or you might add heavy equipment to a less stable part of the basement that could destabilize your entire home.
  • Another common mistake is the installation of wiring in areas that can be flooded with water. Aside from being just a mistake, such a problem can be downright dangerous, as water and electricity definitely do not mix. So make sure you address this issue when talking to your contractor, so that you and your household will not be in danger of being electrocuted.
  • Finally, think carefully about what you want to turn your bedroom into. You might have a passing interest in music and aside from spending money on a brand new drum set, you might think about investing in a complete basement remodel to create a music room. If you’re going to lose your interest in music after some time, then you’ll probably end up spending even more money to convert the basement into something you can actually use.

Typical Tasks in Basement Remodeling

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Basement remodeling can be a very unique and exciting process. However, there are some tasks that can’t really be ignored or bypassed. The following are a few such tasks that the experts you hire for the remodeling project will probably point out from the very start:

  • The planning process is the most important part of the basement remodeling project and it will typically require the expertise and knowledge of a professional. Make sure you consult a company like Basement Finish Specialists in Aurora, with experts who know all about how to plan a basement remodeling project and what should go into it.
  • It’s also important to strip away everything that isn’t needed or that would hinder the remodeling process. Depending on how your home was built, pluming and wiring can be rerouted to ensure that the area is free for restructuring and that it’s safe from electrocution hazards.
  • Flooring and wall covering options might have to be selected against to account for rainwater flowing into the basement and flooding it from time to time. Unless you want to spend a lot of money on new basement finishing materials every year, this will be a very essential consideration.
  • Finally, another essential task in basement remodeling has to do with the installation of unique fixtures and elements. These may include a TV or projector for your home theater setup, pool tables and large musical instruments for your game room or music room, or appliances, electronics and refrigerators you might need for a new man cave.  Contacting Basement Finish Specialists at can be the first step toward a wonderful renovation for your home.

How a Finished Basement Can Extend Your Living Area

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If you just bought a smaller house, you might already be lamenting the fact that you don’t have enough space for everything. You might have rented additional storage space just to get by until you can sell some of the old stuff, and your rooms might be packed with your belongings to the point that any visitor will think you’re a hoarder.


Basement finishing might be the unlikely answer to your problems. Most houses have two areas that people don’t generally use as a living space: the attic and the basement. Depending on the architecture, your attic might not be a very good solution to consider, especially if it has a low ceiling and if it gets too hot in the summer.


With a good basement finishing Forest Trace community project, however, you can turn your basement into a large living area where you and your family can spend time together, and you might also find a place for belongings that don’t fit inside the rest of the house properly. Place your extra chairs and sofas there to build a comfortable lounge or living area, or extend the living space to mix it with a game room or a home theater setup for some extra fun. The sky is the limit, and you can always ask the rest of the household for other unique ideas that you might not have thought of.

How Much Can Basement Remodelers Improve Your Basement?

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With the help of the best basement remodelers, you can really go the extra mile in making your basement more appealing, better capable of enduring difficult weather and more improved overall when it comes to the aesthetic details and the finishing you choose.


A reliable basement remodeling expert like Basement Finish Specialists will have a lot of suggestions to give that could improve your basement a great deal:


  • They’ll recommend finishing materials that can better withstand a flood or the changing temperatures and humidity levels that sometimes arise in your basement.
  • They can recommend special basement remodeling solutions such as a game room, a lounge, a music room or a unique man cave, and go above and beyond to ensure that your basement looks its best once the remodeling job is completed.
  • They’ll also be able to add your own style and vision to your basement, as well as suggesting special decorations, color themes and aesthetic improvements that will be in line with your style as well.


When it comes to making your basement look and feel amazing, there is no one better than the best basement remodelers in your area, to ensure that the remodeling project comes out right. Experts like those at Basement Finish Specialists are available at short notice to make sure you get the very best solutions for your new remodeling job.