Is It Worth Remodeling a Large Basement?

Yes Basement Remodeling Southshore Add Value To Homes

Owning a large basement can be an advantage because you have space that you can arrange as you want, and the expenses will be moderate compared to the expansion of the house horizontally or vertically. A basement remodeling Southshore community can increase the value of your home.

However, in order for the investment to be worth the effort and to get benefits from it, it is necessary to understand that there are factors that may negatively affect the ROI (return on investment).

First of all, a basement remodeling project must always start with proper insulation of the space – which is more exposed to problems caused by moisture. If the basement is wet and there is mold, it does not matter if you put premium finishes and fancy decorations; no one will want to use this space and no one will pay more for the property!

Secondly, you need to pay attention to the quality of the remodeling project. If you put a layer of paint over the concrete walls, add some cheap carpets, old furniture and call it “living room”, there will not be too many people who will appreciate your “work”…

The style used for basement remodeling is also important and must match the style of the house above. Otherwise, no matter how elegant it is, if it makes the discordant note with the rest of your home, it will not have the expected effect, and you will not be able to enjoy the advantages that such a project could bring you.

3 Basement Remodeling Pitfalls to Consider

Common Mistakes Basement Finish Specialists

Basement remodeling projects require a lot of work and foresight. However, some issues can be very problematic if they’re not addressed from the beginning. Here are three of the most pressing matters that you should discuss with a knowledgeable remodeling experts:


  1. First, ask yourself this: is your basement completely dry all year round? It won’t help to install any luxury finishes in the summer and then have them destroyed by moisture or flooding a few months later. Still, this is one of the main pitfalls that homeowners don’t know about. To avoid it, coordinate with your remodeling contractor and make sure you find solutions such as improved ventilation and/or materials that aren’t easily affected by mold or humidity.
  2. The second pitfall to avoid is the installation of carpeting without a proper subfloor system. Your subfloor will help to protect your carpets and underlay from mold buildup due to direct contact with the basement’s concrete flooring. Aside from protecting your carpets, the subfloor will also ensure that your basement stays warm during the year’s colder months.
  3. Depending on the way you’re going to use your basement from now on, soundproofing might also be essential. If you want to make it into a music room or game room for the kids, you’ll need to make sure the noise and music will not wake anyone up from their nap. Similarly, if you build your own relaxation room or home office in the basement, you have to make sure you won’t be bothered or distracted by anything or anyone on the outside.  Basement Finish Specialists can be the answer to your basement remodel at

The Potential for Increasing Your Home Value with a Remodeling Project

basement remodeling increase value centennial home

One of the projects that really add value to your home is basement remodeling. If you are looking for extra space to expand your home and have not considered the basement, you are missing out on the possibilities of this understated space.

Design your own basement for your individual needs! Consider what is missing in the rest of your home to decide whether to use the basement as a living space, working space, or entertainment area.

The square meter below ground level costs 50 to 60% less to build than the square meter above ground level. This difference is related to the removal of exterior cladding and windows from the equation. In addition, plumbing and HVAC usually come from the basement, so these pipes are less expensive.

If you need extra space in your home, remodeling the basement is a great low-cost alternative.

When it comes to value, the appraiser gives the basement and any finished portion of it a value based on the quality of the improvements, as well as the “functional utility”. “Functional utility” is a term that an evaluator will use to determine whether something can adequately ensure the purpose for which it is intended. Bedrooms, offices, basement rooms turned into home cinemas and so on are excellent examples of functional utility… when done properly!

Experts in basement remodeling Centennial area recommend keeping the budget of such a project below 10% of the value of the existing house, in order to make a wise investment, which will bring value without affecting your budget too much.

What Would Your New Home Office Remodel Look Like

basement home office remodel standalone

Sometimes, there is simply not enough space in the house to set up a home office. However, when there is a basement, you can find many design solutions to turn it into a comfortable and private office space.

The arrangement of an office in the basement has multiple advantages, including:

  • more space compared to an office space arranged in a corner of a room
  • lack of visual or auditory distractions, which clearly improves the productivity of any person working from home
  • more living space in regular rooms, which will not be additionally loaded with office space

The first step you need to take when you want to set up an office in the basement is to do the necessary work to ensure the proper waterproofing, ventilation and lighting of this area. If you have a freelancing company, you may also need a separate entry, because you probably do not want future customers to have to go through the whole house, do you? Sure, it is an extra investment, but it will provide you a professional image in the eyes of potential collaborators.

For your new home office remodel, it is best to talk to interior design specialists, who will suggest the best basement finishing Traditions neighborhood solutions and help you implement them.

Basement Remodel and How It Can Extend Your Living Space

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One of the key benefits of basement remodelers is that they can really improve on your living space and make it larger. A lot of people underestimate just how sizable their basement is, especially once it’s fixed up and turned into a nice lounge, a game room for the kids, or a second living area.


All of these remodels will add a large extra room to your home, and if the property itself is somewhat small, then the percentage of the extra living space you’ll get will be all the more helpful.


Basement remodeling takes all the stuff that would normally hinder your ability to live in your basement out, and replaces it with new finishing materials, sturdy flooring and a design based on maximizing space, preventing problems such as flooding and ensuring that the entire area looks and feels extremely stylish and comfortable.


Your friendly basement remodeling Centennial contractors will talk to you about all the details involved and present you with the options you have at your disposal in terms of materials. They will advise why certain materials should be avoided – because of their cost and inability to hold up against moisture or flooding – and tell you what measures they can take to ensure that you get the most out of your new living space.