Repurposing Your Basement – What the Space Can Be Used for

refinishing basement include man cave

Whether you’re interested in a home office remodel, or you want to create a unique indoor play room for your kids, there are a lot of options available with basement remodeling. Your basement is basically an untapped resource, and no matter what you want to add to your home, it can be retrofitted to house just about any type of room you can imagine.


Depending on the size of your basement, a home theater or a party room might be a little difficult to pull off. Still, you can consider turning your basement into a smaller movie room just for your family, or into a relaxing lounge where you can invite people to hang out when you’re throwing a party.


Another option is to turn your basement into a man cave, a music room or a game room where you can invite some of the guys over for a game of pool or darts. This is definitely a great basement refinishing Centennial home option for releasing some stress after a hard day’s work.


Finally, basement finishing experts can even turn your basement into a workshop that would be great for everything from building and tinkering to arts and crafts. Moreover, with the help of reliable professionals such as Basement Finish Specialists, you can get all that and more at a competitive price and ensure that the project will be completed without any difficulty.

Working From Home? Finish Your Basement to Build a Unique Working Area

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The COVID-19 crisis has led to a lot of people losing their regular jobs or being forced to work from home. If you’re in the IT industry, for instance, it’s easy to see how you might end up having to work from home, as your office might have been closed a long time ago, and the work you do can easily be done from a laptop regardless of where you’re physically located.


Of course, being around your family, having your dog jump into your lap and being bothered by guests showing up randomly is not the greatest way to do your work. So during work hours, you can establish your own little den, where you won’t be disturbed and you can conduct your work comfortably and without distractions.


Finishing your basement remodeling Centennial project can help you a lot with that. You can create a work area that is out of the way for everyone, set up your desk and everything you need, install the right lighting, and bring in some comfortable, ergonomic furniture. Also, with some finishing touches such as a repaint and choosing comfortable paint colors, you will be able to avoid stress and ensure that your focus and productivity levels will essentially skyrocket.

Can Basement Fireplaces Really Save You a Lot of Energy?

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Basement remodels are well-known for the value they add to a home, and adding a brand new living area to your basement can be a beautiful as well as practical improvement. Aside from the fact that it provides you, your family and your guests a second place to hang out and enjoy some quality time together, it also helps with issues such as preventing heat from escaping your home.


One of the most valuable improvements you can think of is adding a beautiful as well as practical fireplace to your basement.


The great thing about having a fireplace installed in such a place is that heat tends to travel upwards. This means that, by heating the basement, which is the lowermost point of your home, you can ensure that the heat will be retained by the rest of your home. With proper insulation, you can ensure better heating and energy saving for your entire house, and not just for your basement and your lowest level.


Having a fireplace installed can be somewhat of an investment at first, and it’s not necessarily the most efficient way to heat your home. However, a good fireplace can be a very valuable addition when you have your basement remodeling Southshore project in process, and it can also save you a lot of money on heating in the long run.

How Long Will It Take to Get a Permit for Your Basement?

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Getting a permit for the basement is something a lot of homeowners dread. It’s true that the process is required, but not having one will definitely not land you into any serious trouble. The main reason why you will want one is to get through home inspections without a hitch and make sure everything is fine before you consider selling your house.


That being said, getting a basement permit will not entail officers with big dogs knocking on your door and demanding entrance. Instead, it’s quite a simple process. An official will come by your house and ask to see your basement. After a few minutes, they will just ask you a few quick questions, before giving you the approval and leaving. If there are no safety hazards or anything problematic, this will be the gist of the entire inspection and approval process, and it will only take a few minutes of your time.


Of course, you might have to wait a few days before your request for an inspection goes through and an expert gets to your home to provide you with your inspection and permit. Wait times can differ depending on where you live, but in many cases, it definitely won’t take much longer than you’ll need for your materials to arrive, if you’re planning a remodel.  Many local home remodeling companies like will know the specifics for permits in your area.

Can Finishing Your Basement Actually Help to Increase Your Home Value?

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The value of your home can be improved through simple and sometimes surprisingly affordable methods. You can repaint your home in a color that’s trendy and popular, or you can have your roof repaired by a professional. You might also consider some outdoor upgrades for curb appeal, such as an in-ground pool or an outdoor kitchen. However, a simple upgrade that many don’t think about is a basement remodel or calling a home office remodel company Aurora has to do some remodeling.


Finishing your basement can have a great impact on your home value for a number of good reasons:


  1. The most obvious advantage is the extension of your living area. It’s not the same if you have a basement that can’t be used for much more than a storage area, or the space under your home looks like a stunning home theater or game room fitted with everything you need to have a great time.
  2. In the process of finishing your basement, you will also clean it, helping to reduce any health related hazards that an old, damp basement might have entailed.
  3. Some remodels will increase your home’s value and appeal more than others, without even requiring a large investment. For instance, simply refinishing and painting the basement to look like a bedroom and adding some affordable bedroom furniture can get you an excellent offer if you plan to sell your house.

When Do You Need a Permit for Your Basement Refinishing Job?

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Do you really need a permit to get your basement remodeled? There are lots of people with the skills and abilities to remodel a basement and turn it into a habitable room such as a lounge, a bedroom, game room or a home office remodel. However, what many don’t know is that a permit is actually mandatory, even though in some areas their enforcement is not that strict.

Since remodeling your basement is not something that can normally be seen from the street, a lot of homeowners think that they can get away without using a permit. While this is possible, there’s always a chance that you will be discovered, in which case you’ll either be forced to legalize it or to remove the improvements you added.

Regardless of the type of work you do to remodel your basement, any modifications have to be reported through a request for a permit, and architectural plans need to be submitted to the DOB. Whether you’re using a contractor or not, make sure you get a permit for the job, as being discovered later on, or when you try to sell your home, can lead to a lot of complications that you really do not want to have to deal with.

Great Ideas for Your New Basement

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Basements are versatile spaces with endless potential – while many people use their basements only for storing objects that they use rarely or never, your basement can be converted to serve any purpose, from guest space to the extension of the living space upstairs and from entertainment space to a refuge where you can enjoy some alone time. Here are some ideas about how to use your basement for purposes other than storage:

  • Empty and clean your basement before you decide on its purpose – it is only after you empty and clean the space that you can assess it size, condition and features correctly. When the task is complete, check your basement floor, its walls and the utilities in it to assess the condition of each component and to decide whether each of them can be kept or needs replacement;
  • Decide whether you can do any of the work on your own – while some projects, such as electrical or plumbing work needs skilled professionals, other types of work, such as wall painting, can be done by anyone. If you are willing to put in some work of your own, you can lower your overall costs;
  • Use light colors and layered light – most basements have very small windows or no window at all, so you will need special design solutions to brighten the room. Use light colors on the walls, layered light from multiple sources and light-colored furniture with a few dark accents to add a little contrast.  It is always nice to hire basement refinishing Centennial area professionals when you do a complete overhaul of your basement.

Is A Finished Basement A Good Investment?

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Finishing your basement is naturally worthwhile for any homeowner – if you are planning to stay in your home for many more years, a basement finishing Tuscany area project will add extra living space and comfort to your home; if you are planning to sell your property soon, your new basement will add extra value and will make the home more attractive to potential buyers. These are the two principal benefits of having a finished basement – here are some more details to convince that a finished basement is, indeed, a good investment:

  • Return on investment – statistical data show that around 70% of the investment made into basement finishing can be recovered from the sale price;
  • Making your property more attractive – finished basements are also known to make properties more attractive, therefore your attractive basement rooms will significantly accelerate the selling process;
  • More comfort for your entire household – your basement is a versatile space that can be converted to serve almost any purpose. It can be made into a teen room to give your adolescent child more privacy; it can be turned into a second living room, it can be made into a second kitchen or a refuge where you can enjoy your favorite music, movies and TV shows without interfering with other members of your household.

What to Do If You Find Moisture in Your Basement

Basement Finishing Check Repair Moisture Problems

Being in direct contact with the surrounding soil and permanently exposed to moisture and mold, the basement – or basements in general – is harmful to human health, from a residential point of view. The first requirement for an acceptable standard of living in basements is to transform them into dry places. Thus, to prevent the infiltration of moisture, people began to experiment with vapor barriers, waterproofing and drainage systems. At the same time, the need for a quality design is equally important, these aspects ensuring a significant return on investment.

The foundation of a cellar can be relatively close to a source of groundwater, so it is crucial to insulate the walls, ceiling and floor in order to prevent moisture and mold, as well as all the associated problems. Commonly waterproofing materials include different types of bituminous membranes.

You should choose an insulating double glazed door and Egress windows.

For finishing the floor of your basement or having the basement finishing Centennial area experts do it, stone is probably the best material, but you can also opt for sandstone tiles. At this stage, you must also decide what temperature you want to have in your basement, in order to determine the amount of ventilation and the air conditioning system, which will also help reduce humidity.


Are Fireplaces A Good Idea In A Basement?

Basement Fireplace Refinishing

Fireplaces represent a great feature in a house and it now becomes a part of basements too, considering that people remodel their basements, transforming them into extra rooms with various destinations.

A fireplace will add glow and warmth, especially that you are likely to feel more chill in the basement, even if it doesn`t look like a basement anymore. You can also create a beautiful focal point and great ambiance by installing a fireplace in the basement with a basement refinishing centennial contractor.

Installation of a fireplace is not complicated, but your main priority should be to ensure safety. You must consider proper ventilation, but thanks to technological enhancements, chimneys are not necessary. You can opt for a fireplace with a direct venting system, which does not pull the air from the inside of your room. This is definitely a bonus when it comes to a basement fireplace.

Another option is a ventless fireplace, if you do not mind its smaller size and the reduced capacity of producing heat.

To make the right decision, you should also weight other pros and cons. Do you prefer a gas fireplace or a wood burning fireplace? Are aesthetics essential for you? Do you want to reach a certain level of energy efficiency? Make sure you consider all your preference and evaluate the available types of chimneys that could match your basement, before making an actual purchase.