What Is the Best Time of the Year to Hire a Contractor?

copper leaf autumn basement remodeling

Depending on the type of remodeling project you want to work on, hiring a dependable contractor for basement finish Copper Leaf community can be a pretty important task. Choosing the right time of the year for your project can be equally important, and you’ll find that most contractors will be pretty busy during late spring, when most people choose to remodel their homes while preparing for the summer.


Early spring can be a great time for it, since not everyone starts so early. However, depending on where you live, the weather can be pretty predictable during this time, so if the job involves exterior work – such as repainting your home or replacing your roof – then it might not be such a good idea to do it during that time of the year.


Autumn is usually the best time for most remodeling jobs. During late summer and early autumn, the weather can be perfect, and as most homeowners choose to go on vacation during this time, contractors will be pretty free. Also, as a lot of people will avoid this time since it’s right before winter, you can be sure that your contractor will be punctual, and they’ll even be willing to offer you a discount in most cases.

What Are the Most Popular Toys and Accessories to Add to Your Man Cave

basement remodel man watching football man cave

Toys, gadgets and accessories can be added to a man cave to make it really exciting. If you recently hired basement refinishing Centennial contractors to remodel your basement to turn it into an awesome man cave, you might want to think about upgrading it further, by adding at least some of the following handy and popular toys and accessories:


  • Personalized chess sets, dart boards and pool tables can be a great addition for your man cave, depending on its size. Even if you can’t fit a full size pool table, adding a small table a few chairs and some board games can be a great idea nonetheless.
  • Vintage toy cars and vehicle models can also be a great addition. You can find lots of great models that are accurately designed to be scaled down versions of old, classic cars. Just imagine how your neighbor will react if he sees a stunning depiction of a famous Harley or Corvette acting as the main conversation piece displayed in your man cave.
  • It’s also great to add signs to your man cave that will make it more personalized and fun. A professional looking “Dad’s Workshop” sign or a funny “Work Hard, Play Harder!” sign will make you and your visitors feel right at home from the very start.

The Average Cost of Finishing Your Basement

average price basement finish

The average cost of a basement refinishing project can be anywhere between $6,500 and $30,500, even higher. The costs that you will need to deal with depend on numerous factors – here are some:

  • The size of the basement – the larger the basement, the more material is needed for the refinishing process and the more work the process needs;
  • Labor costs – while most basement finishing projects require skilled Basement Finish Specialists, many homeowners choose to contribute with work of their own to reduce the costs. Handling simple tasks, such as wall painting, floor removal or the installation of insulation, can significantly lower the overall costs of your new basement;
  • What the basement will be used for – you can convert your basement for almost any purpose. You can convert it into an entertainment room, an extra living room, a man cave, a bar or you can transform it into an apartment for your guests. Each type of space has a specific set of applicable building codes, such as extra exit doors or special insulation. The costs of the finishing project will largely depend on these extra features, so it is recommended to check the applicable regulations and to include the mandatory extras into your calculation before starting the project.

What Your Man Cave Needs – Tips for the Perfect Refuge

man cave basement remodel watching sports

If you are in desperate need of a room of your own in the house, a man cave where you can enjoy your favorite things, such as your music and your favorite movies, without being asked to turn the volume down and where you can watch the games with your friends without anyone else wanting to watch a cooking show on the same TV set, the basement is the place that you should be looking at. Basements are ideal for man caves – here are some things that you will need for the conversion project:

  • Good insulation – when picking the insulation to install in your basement, look for solution that provide not only protection from dampness, but sound insulation as well to be able to enjoy your hobbies without disturbing the other dwellers of your home;
  • Comfort – a man cave is all about superior comfort, so get the largest, comfiest couch that you can afford and have a massage chair as well. You will also need the largest screen that you can afford and a small fridge for your beverages is also essential;
  • Great lighting – you will need the traditional central light source in the middle of the ceiling, but you will also need other light sources to create layered light that reaches every corner of your room.  For a professional remodel look to the professionals at https://aurorabasements.com/.

Egress Requirements for Your Finished Basement

refinishing basement inclue egress window safety

Why is it good to have ventilation in your finished basement? – Because ventilation is the key to preventing moisture and mold in such a space that may dangerous contaminants that have the ability to disperse into your home.  Ventilation should be a part of any new basement refinishing Centennial contractors do as it is apart of the regulations and guidelines.

Natural ventilation can be achieved by installing adequate windows in strategic places and use natural air currents. This method requires the expertise of specialists and a higher investment, but it will save energy in the long run, especially if you opt for Egress windows.

Egress windows are designed not only to increase natural light and ventilation in a finished basement, but also to provide safety and help you avoid dangerous situations (e.g. evacuating in the event of a fire).

Egress openings have net clear openings of 5.7 feet, which allow people to crawl through, opening width or min. 20 inches and opening height of min. 24 inches. These windows are operational from the inside, they do not require keys or special tools to open and may contain an attached ladder, if they are installed higher than 44 inches off the floor.

Egress windows are different from regular windows because they meet certain codes and actually they became a part of the building codes requirements.

Is Finishing a Basement a Good ROI for Homeowners

Basement Remodel Finish Specialists

The possibilities of transforming a basement are numerous. You can renovate it and turn it into a themed room, such as a mini-cinema, a games room, gym, a lounge with a bar, or maybe a second living room.

Starting from the available space you have, you can focus on a single theme or on several themes for your basement, depending on your preferences.

Once you have made up your mind, all you have to do is to get to work on this new project that will surely bring you a lot of satisfaction, once it will be finished. In the situation where you always dreamed to have a place to invite your friends to, but your living room did not allow this, you can transform the old basement into the kind of living space you need, by enclosing elements of your personality in the design of this new room. You will surely enjoy many evenings and nights here, in the company of people you like to be with, talking and partying without disturbing the other people in the house or your neighbors. And this is only one example of the many possible uses of a renovated basement.

The basement must be well insulated, and it can be easily turned into an extra room with various destinations. Finishing a basement also brings a good POI for homeowners (70-75% of your investment), by increasing the value of your property.  Look to https://aurorabasements.com/basement-finishing-centennial/ for the perfect remodel.

What If I Change My Mind About A Design After My Basement Finish Has Already Begun?

Basement Remodeling Designs Ideas

The phenomenon happens more often than you would think – almost every basement owner changes their mind about at least one design element after the project has started – and the answer depends on many aspects. Here are some of these aspects:

  • The area that you have changed your mind about – there are many types of changes that require the building owner to obtain a building permit for. Examples of such changes are modifications that requires walls to be built or demolished, work that affects the electrical system and the plumbing. If you change your mind about a solution that affects these systems and tasks, you will need a new blueprint and new permits before the work can continue;
  • Minor changes – if you change your mind about aspects that concern the appearance of your basement remodeling Southlands area, such as the color or the type of paint to be used on the walls or the type of flooring, the modifications can surely be implemented without any major disruption. However, before you make up your mind to replace one material with another, talk to your contractor – not all building and décor materials can be used in basements, so you need an expert opinion before you go out shopping for new materials.

Do I Need to Ask My Basement Contractor for Their Certifications?

Why It Matters For Certifications For Basement Remodeling

Whatever the remodeling or renovation project that you are planning, the contractor that you hire for the job should be one who can prove their expertise as well as their right to operate in your state with documents. Consequently, the answer to the question in the title is yes, you should definitely ask your potential basement contractor to show you their certifications and you should never hire a contractor who is not willing to show you a physical or digital copy of their relevant certificates. Here are the relevant documents that you should check:

  • A contracting license – most cities, municipalities and states require all contractors to undergo specific licensing procedures or to obtain equivalent credentials. Checking the contractor’s license is essential to find out whether they are licensed to operate in your state as well as to see their area of expertise;
  • Insurance certificates – asking the potential contractors such as Basement Finish Specialists whether they are insured is one thing, seeing the insurance certificate with your own eyes is another. Ask to be shown the insurance certificate before you proceed with the hire – reliable contractors have a liability insurance for exactly the type of activity they are going to perform on your property as well as a workers’ compensation insurance.

How To Choose The Right Design For Your Basement Remodel

Basement Remodel Specialists Design

With supermarkets, electricity and other new inventions, the importance of basements as storage rooms has greatly decreased. In cities, space and its efficient use have become a norm, given that the addition of new buildings, additional floors and even the purchase of new properties is becoming more and more popular.

Basements are now being transformed into additional rooms with various destinations.

Regardless of the design or the way you decide to remodel the basement of your home, you can definitely make a change for the better. The choice of design depends on the destination you give to this space – and you have so many options!

For example, if the basement is to be used as a wine cellar, waterproofing of the walls, ceiling and floor is mandatory, so that there are no problems with water infiltrations and mold. Many cellars have wood, stone or brick siding, each of these materials creating a rustic or elegant design. Wood beams, wine storage shelves and barrels should not be missing. The recommended lighting fixtures are recessed spotlights, but suspended lamps can also be a great choice, if they complement the overall design of the room.  For the best design and construction company look to https://aurorabasements.com/.