3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Remodeling Your Basement

basement remodeling mistakes to avoid


A basement is a versatile space that, with proper arrangement, can become your favorite room. However, there are a few pitfalls to avoid when remodeling this space:


  1. You do not work with an interior design specialist in remodeling your basement.

The basement has certain particularities that should be taken into consideration. These aspects include the overall design, so it is best to leave the matter in the hands of interior designers.


  1. You ignore potential problems related to moisture.

Some of the main issues of any basement consist of moisture infiltration. The main reason is a result of many different problems that you may find difficult to solve. Start by directing groundwater away from the foundation. Ensure you have a good drainage system before you continue insulating your basement.


  1. You use cheap materials.

Selecting high-quality materials will cost you more money, but you will need them for lasting effects. To determine the cost of a basement remodeling Centennial project, consider the general cost of the materials and add the costs for the remodeling specialists you will work with. There are numerous ways to save on these costs, and your contractor can help you find the best deals for purchasing quality materials.

How to Hire Basement Remodelers

Engage expert contractors remodeling basement

Basement remodeling is much more difficult than most people believe. You might be trying to set up a music room, a home theater or a new home office. In each case, you will have to know how to go about hiring the best people for the job:


  1. Start by figuring out exactly what your project will entail. Do you just wan your basement to be repurposed without going into too many details regarding its makeover, or do you wish to go all out and transform it completely? Also, consider your budget and the amount of time you can dedicate to the project.
  2. Consider the size of the project as well. Not all teams of basement remodelers are able to handle larger projects.
  3. Your basement remodeling Southshore area experts will want to know about the materials that you want to use and the specific products and approaches that you want to tackle. In many cases, they will be able to advise you on all of these aspects.


While it isn’t easy to sift through the many basement remodelers that are available in the Aurora area, services like Basement Finish Specialists stand out through their sheer professionalism, ability to complete complex projects on time, and highly competitive rates. If you want the best of the best, think about hiring Basement Finish Specialists for your remodeling jobs.

Why Hire Specialists for Your Basement Remodeling Projects?

Hire Basement Finish Specialists

When it comes to basement remodeling, you’ll want to make sure that the project you go into will be a complete success. Of course, that won’t just happen on its own, and even if you had some experience with DIY tasks, it’s not recommended that you take on such a complicated project on your own.


Hiring an expert might be your best choice in this instance. And there are many experts who will point out the very real benefits of hiring a basement remodeling professional who will really help you out:


  1. A professional basement remodeler will know of the pitfalls to look out for and steer you clear of them. Without their help, your basement could be flooded or the materials that you use could prove to be inappropriate for the project and require replacing after just 1-2 months.
  2. Remodeling experts are well-organized, and they can pace their work to complete the project on time. If you have a deadline or you just want to finish before winter, then this is definitely a great asset.
  3. With the help of a resourceful and professional basement finishing service like Basement Finish Specialists at https://aurorabasements.com/, say your involvement in the project can be minimal, and you can get your vision exactly as you wanted it without even having to lift a finger.

3 Pitfalls to Look for in Basement Remodels


basement ligihting design remodel home project

Inadequate waterproofing

First of all and regardless of the chosen destination, the basement must be sealed so that moisture does not penetrate inside. Professional waterproofing solutions must be used, which, in addition to their sealing role, also have the role of preventing the formation of mold. Waterproofing should be applied in at least two layers, so that its final thickness is at least 2 mm.

Use of inappropriate adhesives

Depending on the cladding of the floor and the walls (in case of choosing this form of finishing) the adhesives are chosen. They can be based on mineral binders (cement), dispersed or based on reactive resins. The most commonly used are cement-based adhesives.

The use of appropriate adhesives is essential, as the use of products with insufficient characteristics can compromise the project, and the damage is usually significant.

Improper lighting

Any basement remodeling Centennial project needs adequate lighting. Light has the power to relax or restrict the volumes, so the type and location of the lighting fixtures are important. They must be chosen according to the destination of the basement and placed so as to create a space as generous as possible. Polished natural stone reflects light, enlarging spaces. A mirror place in front of a light source also spreads the rays. Both variants can direct the light to illuminate darker areas.

When to Consider Basement Remodeling as a Sound Investment

The basement of a house is a room with a lot of potential that many people leave in dust and darkness. You have many remodeling possibilities – it all depends on your preferences and needs.

Basement remodeling is a sound investment, whenever you have the time to plan such a project and make some decisions. To arrange an extra room, you will have to focus your efforts on a single objective; thus, you avoid wasting time, space and money. So, before you start any renovation project, you will have to choose the destination for this room. Do you want a bedroom, a games room, an office? Almost anything is possible, so you should talk to interior design specialists.

Also, be flexible and creative! These two things will allow you to approach your basement remodeling project correctly and make the most of this space. In small basements, you must be creative to get what you want from them.

Selecting high quality materials will incur higher costs, but you need to prioritize quality for lasting results. To determine the costs of a basement remodeling project, consider the basic costs of the materials and add the money you will pay for the interior renovation specialists such as https://aurorabasements.com/ you are going to hire. There are ways to save on these costs, such as performing personal tasks and buying materials wisely.


5 Reasons Why You Might Need a Home Office Remodel

Why Basement Remodel Is Good Time Home Office Solution

Lately, we can say that working from home has become very common and many employees around the world solve problems and work tasks from the comfort of their personal space. A home office is the basement remodeling Southshore solution of the current times and it is very important to arrange it according to your work style and, of course, the available space you have in the house.

If you already have a home office, here are some reasons why you might want to remodel it:

  • You want more productivity. It is never too late to update your home office according to your work style, in order to be more productive. For example, if you have to deal frequently with deadlines, it is imperative to work in an environment where nothing distracts you and where you benefit from the peace and quiet you need. In this case, you could consider arranging the office in a separate room, not in a corner of a room.
  • You want to change the color scheme. Properly chosen colors can reduce the stress, stimulate creativity and facilitate the workflow.
  • You want to improve the lighting, either by increasing the amount of natural light that enters the room (larger or more windows), or by opting for more efficient artificial lighting.
  • You want to improve ergonomics, by purchasing furniture that respects ergonomic principles.
  • You want more space. In this case, you will need to declutter, reorganize the office area and use appropriate storage solutions.

Cheap and Easy Basement Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

Home Basement Refinishing Wine Cellar Added

There are several types of basements and many more possibilities to arrange them. But since not everyone has a budget to turn this space into a home cinema or a fitness room, here are some cheap and easy design ideas that do not require premium materials or luxurious finishes.

  • Wine cellar

One of the most advantageous ways to arrange a cellar is to build a wine cellar. It is known that some of the ideal places for arranging a winery are the basements.

The cellar can be done easily, with minimal investment and some imagination.

One of the most beautiful styles for arranging a wine cellar is the rustic style, which is based on natural materials such as wood, brick or stone, in warm tones. These types of finishes combine very well with solid wood furniture with a simple design.

  • Pantry

Turning the cellar into a pantry will reduce your time spent shopping. Here you can store food, drinks, oil bottles, spices, cans and other non-perishable foods. You can opt for simple and high shelves or for suspended pieces of furniture. For extra elegance, you can build the shelves directly in the wall.

  • Laundry room

To free up more space in the house, you can create a laundry room in the basement. In addition to the washing machine and the dryer, you can add laundry baskets to sort out the clothes, according to color or material.

You can even install an ironing board on one of the walls.  It’s important with all basement refinishing Centennial projects to think it through and bring to fruition the exact design that will benefit your living space.

5 Basement Finishing and Remodeling Solutions for 2021

finish basement remodel movie room

Having a basement can be of tremendous help for adding some quality and useful space to mostly any home. But what are the most recent design trends for finishing or remodeling your basement? In order to get a better idea about the best solutions available, here are a few ideas:

  1. One interesting trend is that of incorporating vintage elements into the contemporary-looking ones. Also-known as anti-minimalist design, this trend often incorporates floral elements and vintage prints. But the trick here is to keep a perfect balance between the old and the new. For instance, you could match your antique writing table with a contemporary painting or sculpture.
  2. The dark and humid type of basement is no longer trendy, and is replaced by the so-called “warm and earthy trend”.
  3. Using natural materials is another popular trend for 2021 basements. Again, keeping the balance is essential.
  4. The sustainability trend is another popular option for 2021 basements. This implies using more recycled materials or products which are made with sustainable practices.
  5. Minimalist solutions are also very popular this year. This refers to the fact that the space is typically modern and devoid of any extra embellishments, making the “less is more” statement.  Make sure to hire a professional in the basement remodeling business with experience such as Basement Finish Specialists who will produce a space that you will absolutely love to live in.

Is Basement Remodeling Going to Improve on Your Home Value?

Game Changer Basement Remodel Increase Value Space

Basement remodeling can certainly increase the resale value for your home. You can add a great amount of usable space, for one thing. When remodeling your basement space, you can add some extra bedrooms in there.

The local legislation in most areas states that, in order to be considered an actual bedroom, it has to have 2 forms of egress. It means that, in case of fire outburst, the firefighters need to be able to pass through the window. Although creating forms of egress in your basement may sometimes involve extra costs and extra work, it certainly is a good investment.

Another good idea may be to add a new bathroom in your basement. Having two bathrooms in your home instead of just one can help you draw the attention of potential buyers, in case you will want to resell your house in the future.

At least in the USA, finishing or remodeling your basement can offer an amazing return on investment, amounting to about 70-75% of your invested money.  The basement finishing Forest Trace community adds great value to your home.

Depending on your specific location, there may be certain zone restrictions, which do not allow you to make additions to your property. Expanding your house may bring you too close to your neighbors, or your home already has two stories. So the basement space becomes very precious.




Why Waterproofed Basement Walls Are Necessary

basement remodel start with waterproof walls

Water that comes in contact with an unprotected structure is the main factor that contributes to the destruction of a building. This often happens with uninsulated basements, which are very prone to water infiltrations.

To ensure that your basement is properly protected, you must make a waterproofing plan. But first, you will have to understand the reasons why a basement waterproofing process is necessary:

  • Excluding water infiltrations and the moisture issues they cause
  • Preventing the formation of mold on the walls (mold can be a real problem for your health, as well as for the products you may store in your basement, not to mention that it is very difficult to get rid of it!)
  • Avoiding excessive humidity, which may spread in the house through the vents
  • Excluding the possibility of moisture transfer to the basement`s ceiling
  • Preventing the occurrence of the risk of short circuits in the electrical installation of the basement

The main advantages of a waterproofed basement include

  • You create a buffer space between the ground and the rooms above the basement
  • You reduce the costs related to air conditioning or heating your house, by maintaining a constant temperature in the basement

These advantages are complemented by the possibility of using the basement for various purposes, depending on your needs and the type of basement refinishing Centennial project you plan to do. It is a versatile space and can be modeled according to preferences – as long as it is properly waterproofed.