5 Basement Finishing and Remodeling Solutions for 2021

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Having a basement can be of tremendous help for adding some quality and useful space to mostly any home. But what are the most recent design trends for finishing or remodeling your basement? In order to get a better idea about the best solutions available, here are a few ideas:

  1. One interesting trend is that of incorporating vintage elements into the contemporary-looking ones. Also-known as anti-minimalist design, this trend often incorporates floral elements and vintage prints. But the trick here is to keep a perfect balance between the old and the new. For instance, you could match your antique writing table with a contemporary painting or sculpture.
  2. The dark and humid type of basement is no longer trendy, and is replaced by the so-called “warm and earthy trend”.
  3. Using natural materials is another popular trend for 2021 basements. Again, keeping the balance is essential.
  4. The sustainability trend is another popular option for 2021 basements. This implies using more recycled materials or products which are made with sustainable practices.
  5. Minimalist solutions are also very popular this year. This refers to the fact that the space is typically modern and devoid of any extra embellishments, making the “less is more” statement.  Make sure to hire a professional in the basement remodeling business with experience such as Basement Finish Specialists who will produce a space that you will absolutely love to live in.

Is Basement Remodeling Going to Improve on Your Home Value?

Game Changer Basement Remodel Increase Value Space

Basement remodeling can certainly increase the resale value for your home. You can add a great amount of usable space, for one thing. When remodeling your basement space, you can add some extra bedrooms in there.

The local legislation in most areas states that, in order to be considered an actual bedroom, it has to have 2 forms of egress. It means that, in case of fire outburst, the firefighters need to be able to pass through the window. Although creating forms of egress in your basement may sometimes involve extra costs and extra work, it certainly is a good investment.

Another good idea may be to add a new bathroom in your basement. Having two bathrooms in your home instead of just one can help you draw the attention of potential buyers, in case you will want to resell your house in the future.

At least in the USA, finishing or remodeling your basement can offer an amazing return on investment, amounting to about 70-75% of your invested money.  The basement finishing Forest Trace community adds great value to your home.

Depending on your specific location, there may be certain zone restrictions, which do not allow you to make additions to your property. Expanding your house may bring you too close to your neighbors, or your home already has two stories. So the basement space becomes very precious.




Why Waterproofed Basement Walls Are Necessary

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Water that comes in contact with an unprotected structure is the main factor that contributes to the destruction of a building. This often happens with uninsulated basements, which are very prone to water infiltrations.

To ensure that your basement is properly protected, you must make a waterproofing plan. But first, you will have to understand the reasons why a basement waterproofing process is necessary:

  • Excluding water infiltrations and the moisture issues they cause
  • Preventing the formation of mold on the walls (mold can be a real problem for your health, as well as for the products you may store in your basement, not to mention that it is very difficult to get rid of it!)
  • Avoiding excessive humidity, which may spread in the house through the vents
  • Excluding the possibility of moisture transfer to the basement`s ceiling
  • Preventing the occurrence of the risk of short circuits in the electrical installation of the basement

The main advantages of a waterproofed basement include

  • You create a buffer space between the ground and the rooms above the basement
  • You reduce the costs related to air conditioning or heating your house, by maintaining a constant temperature in the basement

These advantages are complemented by the possibility of using the basement for various purposes, depending on your needs and the type of basement refinishing Centennial project you plan to do. It is a versatile space and can be modeled according to preferences – as long as it is properly waterproofed.


Why You Should Consider A Bar in Your Basement Remodel

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Most of the time, people associate the basement with a dark and cold area of their house. However, by proper renovation and finishes, this room can easily be transformed into a relaxation or productivity area.

Among other possible destinations, the basement can be an ideal place to arrange your own personal bar. Why would you make this basement remodeling Centennial home investment? Because you will have a place where you can relax, after a full day, or where you can invite your friends for unforgettable parties.

The design of this room will depend a lot on the interests and abilities of the owner. If we are talking about a person who prefers to read a magazine and drink a glass of wine, then a sofa will be a nice addition. You can also place a media console for fun or you can arrange a romantic corner for diners with candlelight and champagne. If you are planning parties with friends a pool table will be welcome, as well as some comfortable chairs.

When choosing the decor for the bar, you should use a color scheme that visually enlarges the space. You will also need to consider a multi-level lighting system to create a true bar atmosphere. A suitable air conditioning system will help you to maintain an optimal temperature and a suitable humidity level.



The Best Flooring For Your Basement Remodel

basement refinishing flooring options

When choosing the type of floor for your basement, you must take into account the fact that, unlike upper rooms, basements are prone to latent humidity.

The first thing you need to do when it comes to choosing a quality basement floor is to think about the destination you plan to give to this room. Will you use it as a storage space, living and sleeping space, working space or entertainment area? Depending on the option you choose, you will have to consider certain type of floor materials, best suited for your goals. There are a variety of options available, so there is no question about not finding what you need, on the contrary: it will likely be difficult for you to choose between so many great materials for your basement refinishing Centennial project!

In any case, the general rule to keep in mind is a very simple one: you must choose a floor that is resistant to excessive humidity and temperature fluctuations. The best options we currently have are processed wood, laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles, cork flooring, linoleum and concrete. You will also make the choice depending on the budget you have at your disposal for your basement remodel project.

What To Do When Your Basement Has Low Ceilings?

basement low ceiling finishing needed remodel

The basement is often a space with many disadvantages, one of which is the lower ceiling. However, with a little imagination and an affordable budget, it can be turned into a welcoming, warm room, where you will not feel the pressure of the ceiling.

Designers have various solutions for this.

  1. Chromatics

When decorating a basement with a low ceiling, it would be best to choose a lighter color for the ceiling than for the walls; you can even choose to paint it completely white.

  1. Exploit space horizontally

Try to avoid high furniture; opt for lower pieces and be more concerned about their length than their height. This will maximize the space between the furniture and the ceiling, and this will make the room look taller.

  1. Vertical stripes

Vertical stripes are a fashion trick that many people use. You should know that they have the same elongation effect in interior decorations.

  1. Lighting

In the case of basements with low ceilings, the most suitable lighting accessories are sconces or spotlights. They provide efficient lighting and take up very little space. Voluminous chandeliers or lamps will reduce the distance between the ceiling and the floor, draw attention to the lower ceiling and load the decor.


For some of the best basement finishing Forest Trace communities desire hire the professionals locally for a superb remodel.


When Did Finishing Basements Become Popular? – A Quick History of Refinishing Basements

When Remodeling Aurora Basements

Traditionally, basements have been used to store food and wine. The low temperatures in these underground rooms made it possible to preserve some products for longer, even in times when the refrigeration options we have today were not yet invented.

It was not until the 1950s that Americans began remodeling their basements using concrete floors (which was definitely an improvement at the time!) and then progressively turn their basements into living spaces with various destinations. Since then, designing and finishing these rooms became more and more important, and now they add value to the house. Besides, it is easy to extend down into the basement, when it is difficult to expand outwards.

However, history shows that basements did not always exist in every area of the US; they were mostly common in regions with dry weather.

Early basements (those rudimentary spaces used for storage) were simple and uninsulated, so mold and mildew used to be common problems; only later, drainage and air circulation started to be incorporated into basement construction projects. Even nowadays, when you consider remodeling an old basement, you may have to go back to basics (ventilation and waterproofing), to protect your investment and ensure your comfort.  Seek professional help from companies like https://aurorabasements.com/ that are local.



How A Finished Basement Will Add Value to Your Home

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A basement can be very useful when you need more storage space, but the main advantage of this room is its adaptability. With the right arrangement, the basement can be transformed into living space. To what destination? – It depends on your needs.

With a few exceptions, the basement can become whatever you want: office, workshop, reading room, children’s playground, home cinema or relaxation area. It is a little more difficult to transform it into an extra bedroom or a kitchen, especially if the room is buried in the ground more than a meter, because you need efficient ventilation. But even this is not impossible!

Pay attention to your basement; see its potential and you may end up with extra living space, comfortable and full of charm, which will add value to your home in multiple ways.

First, you can expect a great return on investment. Specialists estimate that finishing your basement will bring you back up to 75% of your investment. Besides, if zoning codes do not allow you to expand, the basement becomes a great way to add functional space to your home without while still complying with the restrictions.

Finally yet importantly, a basement finishing Centennial area will definitely appeal to prospective buyers and may help you to sell your home faster.

Eight Ways to Transform Your Unfinished Basement

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Most of the time, the basement of the houses is a space too little used to its real potential and thus the owners lose an area of ​​the house that can turn into one with a well-defined purpose, whether it is related to utility or relaxation.

Here are a few ways to transform your unfinished basement:

  1. A winery cannot be missing from your home, if you want to start a wine collection or if you simply want a space where you can store your drinks in good conditions.
  2. If you are not necessarily passionate about wines, you can arrange a bar in the space you have at your disposal.
  3. A pantry is useful for anyone who wants to shorten the time spent shopping. Here you can store food supplies that last for a longer time, but also spices, oil bottles, drinks etc.
  4. In order not to crowd the garage too much, you can arrange a work space in the basement.
  5. The basement can also be an ideal place for a small fitness room.
  6. Regardless if you do it for your child or for your inner child, a basement transformed into a playroom will be a small corner of relaxation.
  7. It may sound strange to set up an office in the basement, but actually it is a good idea. You will get an intimate workspace with a minimal investment.
  8. If your basement is spacious enough, you can even recreate here the authentic comfort of a living room, call on the professionals at https://aurorabasements.com/ to do the hardwork.


Popular Basement Remodeling Trends


Most popular basement remodel

It was not until the 1950s that Americans began using the basements of their houses as living spaces. Since then, more importance has begun to be given to the design of these rooms. Here are some ideas for arranging your basement, which can help you transform this space into a room with a personalized design, in which to spend relaxing moments, or which you can use to do some of your daily activities.

Personal wine cellar

For wine lovers, the basement can be used to create a personal wine cellar. With the help of special shelves for storing bottles, you will be able to cover the walls from the ceiling to the floor, to accommodate a collection of wines to your taste! The lower temperature in the basement will play an essential role in keeping the liquors in proper condition.


A pantry is a useful space for anyone who wants to shorten the time spent shopping. Here you can store various food supplies and drinks. The low temperature will help you keep perishable foods for a longer time.

Fitness room

The basement can also be an ideal place for a small fitness room. Cover one of the walls with a large mirror, add white lighting (preferably ceiling spots), the necessary equipment and supplies and… start working out! You have no excuses anymore…


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