Popular Basement Remodeling Trends


Most popular basement remodel

It was not until the 1950s that Americans began using the basements of their houses as living spaces. Since then, more importance has begun to be given to the design of these rooms. Here are some ideas for arranging your basement, which can help you transform this space into a room with a personalized design, in which to spend relaxing moments, or which you can use to do some of your daily activities.

Personal wine cellar

For wine lovers, the basement can be used to create a personal wine cellar. With the help of special shelves for storing bottles, you will be able to cover the walls from the ceiling to the floor, to accommodate a collection of wines to your taste! The lower temperature in the basement will play an essential role in keeping the liquors in proper condition.


A pantry is a useful space for anyone who wants to shorten the time spent shopping. Here you can store various food supplies and drinks. The low temperature will help you keep perishable foods for a longer time.

Fitness room

The basement can also be an ideal place for a small fitness room. Cover one of the walls with a large mirror, add white lighting (preferably ceiling spots), the necessary equipment and supplies and… start working out! You have no excuses anymore…


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Why You Should Consider a Home Bar in Your Basement


basement finishing retro cellar

Looking for a little something to spruce up your home? Maybe something that adds an element of fun and entertainment? May we suggest: a home bar in your basement!

The existence of a cellar makes you the lucky owner of an extra space that you can remodel as you wish. One of the most popular options is to transform the cellar into a home bar, with basement finishing Centennial costs being affordable, why not?

If you are passionate about drinks in general, and not just wines, you can set up a bar. Wood is the material recommended for covering the walls and, behind the bar you can place the drinks on hanging shelves. To create the impression of more space, you can also add a mirror on one of the walls.

Key Components for a Basement Bar

  • Countertop
  • Stools
  • Foot rail for resting tired feet
  • Bar molding
  • Work counter
  • Taps

If your budget allows, you can even create an area of ​​relaxation and good cheer. You can install a pool table or dart board on one of the walls, to create that bar atmosphere. For extra originality, you can also think of a name for your cellar transformed into a bar and add a bar sign.

A home bar in your basement will give you an extra reason to spend more time with friends in this room and have fun!

Benefits to Creating a Home Office in Your Basement

basement office remodeling

For most people, the basement of their house is still a dark and unwelcoming place, used for storing boxes with Christmas decorations, old furniture and other rarely used items. Most of the time, we overlook the potential of this space, and it remains unexploited. An additional room arranged in here can be a great idea, and one of the many uses you can assign to it is that of office space.  With the wonderful basement remodeling Centennial area offers now is the time to do just that.

It may sound strange to set up an office in the basement, but if you try, you will get an intimate workspace with a minimal investment. You will need office furniture, shelves, sockets and internet access.

Turning the cellar into an office is a great idea if you work from home or simply if you want to spend some of your free time on a project that you have been thinking about for some time. This room will be your quiet corner, away from the hustle and bustle of the house.

First, you will have to do some construction work: adding insulation, flooring etc. Then choose the essentials: the desk and the office chair, pieces of furniture with shelves and drawers for your files, paper and desk accessories. Don’t forget the lighting fixtures! They must provide white light, conducive to productivity.

For work breaks, you can arrange a relaxing corner, with an armchair or sofa and a coffee table.



Is a Basement Remodel Worth the Investment?

unfinished basement remodel project needed

An unfinished basement is great if all you need is an extra storage space for unused items, but getting it refinished or remodeling it yourself is an excellent way to add more functionality and to extend your living space. Basement remodeling comes with one more benefit: it adds value to your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Here is why investing into your basement space is such a great idea:

  • More comfort in your home – basements can be transformed into any space, it can serve as a guest room, a kids’ room, a man’s cave, an extra kitchen, a recreational space, a home office, a study room, anything you need to have more space upstairs;
  • Selling your home faster and for more – the investment into a basement remodeling project is a great way to astonish your potential buyers and most of it can be included in the sales price (experts say that the average return on the investment is around 75 cents on the dollar);
  • You can try your DIY skills – many of the involved work processes, such as the plumbing, the insulation, the installation of the electrical wiring and of the lighting fixtures, should be outsourced to professionals, but you can try yourself at interior design, painting, decoration, assembling furniture and much more. Doing some of the work DIY-style will also reduce the costs.

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4 Unique Uses for That Extra Space in Your Basement

basement finish unique spaces

One of the reasons why a basement is such a great building feature to have is the versatility – a basement space can be transformed by companies like Basement Finish Specialists to serve practically any purpose. Here are some of the greatest uses of basement rooms:

  • A home office – basements are usually quiet places, separated from the rest of the home and from all the action, which makes them great for performing work that requires attention. Transforming your basement into a great workspace is easier than you might think – all you need is an ergonomic desk and a chair, suitable lighting fixtures and some shelves;
  • A home gym – in times when going to the gym poses risks, having a gym of your own is a great way to stay fit and healthy;
  • A man’s cave – the basement is the best place in the house to give the gentlemen in the family space for their favorite, manly things, such as a beer fridge, a gaming console with an extra-wide screen and bar;
  • A craft room – many hobbies, such as arts and crafts, need space and the basement is just great to accommodate all the tools and accessories safely, without disturbing the rest of the family.

Things To Avoid When Remodeling Your Basement

avoid mistakes basesment remodeling tips


  • Ignoring the importance of insulation

A house with a basement is much more exposed to infiltrations than a house that does not have a basement. Therefore, waterproofing this room is essential. Improper waterproofing will lead to moisture buildup, which will affect the entire home.  Insulation is a very important step in the basement remodeling Centennial area project.

  • Failing to properly design the drainage and rainwater collection system

The system for draining and collecting rainwater must be carefully thought out and dimensioned correctly in the basement area, in order to keep away the water coming from precipitations. It is recommended that the basement has a drain hole in the floor. If this is not an option in your case, you can build a base (a pit with concrete walls, but with a non-concrete bottom, in which you can install a submersible pump) with the purpose of collecting water from the basement and evacuate it with the help of the pump.

  • Underestimating the importance of proper ventilation

Ventilation in the basement is essential to enjoy the comfort you need and prevent moisture problems that can extend in your entire house. It wouldn’t hurt to even consider an additional ventilation system. Why? Because, if the basement is not very well ventilated, condensation will soon make its appearance on the walls, even if the room is perfectly waterproof.

Tips for Remodeling with Low Basement Ceilings

Basement Finishing Low Ceilings Wet Bar Built In

Painting the walls and ceiling in the same color

This blurs the border between the two areas, not to mention that it is also convenient, making painting much easier to do. White is the natural choice in such situations, but you can also use light shades of other colors, if you have certain basement finishing Southshore preferences or it suits your interior design better.


Choosing low furniture items

Choosing low furniture items will leave more free space in the upper part of the room, making it look more airy. In general, the agglomeration of the elements in the lower part of the room leads to the definition of a visual limit on the walls, leaving exposed a larger surface of them, which gives the impression of greater height.


Visual magnification with lighting

It is well known that lighting plays a very important role in the decor of any room. In a basement with low ceiling, you have to pay increased attention to decorative lighting. First of all, give up the idea of adding a chandelier or any kind of suspended lighting fixture, as it will only reduce the distance between the ceiling and the floor. We therefore recommend that you either replace them with decorative spotlights, or resort to several local lighting sources, strategically placed in different areas of the room: sconces, lamps, floor lamps, etc.