Basement Finishing Ideas That Could Increase the Value of Your Home

Basement Finish Specialists Remodeling Increase Home Value

Basement finishing ideas can help you transform your living space into a more pleasant, charming place, thus increasing the resale value of your home.

One of the greatest things you can do to renovate your basement is to add an extra bedroom to it. By creating more useable space in your house, you can appeal to a more diverse category of buyers.

An extra bathroom is another great feature you can add to your basement space. And if you go for that option, you may need the help of a professional plumber. Another thing that you may need to invest in is that of tiling your bathroom.

Finishing your basement can ensure a great return on investment. And in case your zoning codes are more restrictive, you can use this option to make full use of the entire space that your home’s structure can provide.

If you have children, you can arrange here a play area. By moving a part of your children’s toys to the the newly-created playroom, you can provide the kids’ rooms with more space.

Another idea is that of creating a garden utility room. Or you can simply create a family utility room, that everyone can enjoy and where you can welcome guests.  No matter what ideas you have, working with a professional basement remodeling contractor like will be the best decision you make.


Cheap DIY Basement Remodels You Can Start on Right Away

Do's and Don'ts Basement Remodeling

In case you have a basement in your house, remodeling it can be a very good idea. This can allow you to express your own personality and preferences, while also making your living space more inviting.

Before you start remodeling, it is very important to properly clean the area. You should fix any kind of issues and apply waterproofing solutions, if necessary. At the same time, it may be a good idea to apply a sealer to your flooring, and thus prevent dust accumulation, while also making your basement look more welcoming.

By applying certain creative solutions, your basement can be made to look nice for everyone who enters it. For instance, most basements have concrete flooring. You can make it more playful, warmer and fun by adding some foam mats. Apart from the fact that they can come in various colors, foam mats are easy to move from one place to another.

Because most basements do not have enough lighting, you can create a special atmosphere with the help of string lights, which can actually illuminate large areas.

Putting up shelves for storage is another great remodeling idea for your basement. And even if there are no walls, you can use curtains to delimitate among specific areas.  For some of the best professionals in basement remodels look to

Do You Need To Insulate Your Basement Walls?

residential basement remodeling insulate walls

Residential homes can be equipped with annexes, with different uses. These spaces are either independent constructions, or included in the structure of the house.

The cellar is one of them and must be designed in such a way as to become a functional space for a determined purpose. But how can you protect this space from water infiltrations and moisture problems? The solution consists in insulating your basement walls properly. This procedure is absolutely necessary, if only to keep away rain water absorbed in the soil. A proper waterproofing project can prevent:

  • Possibility of destroying the structure of the walls and floor;
  • Water infiltration and mold formation;
  • High humidity of the air and problems related to the thermal comfort
  • Damage to the resistance structure of the construction
  • Damage to electrical installations in the basement

You must prioritize the basement waterproofing process, because this step is absolutely necessary to enjoy all the advantages of a safe, hygienic and comfortable extra space in your home that you can design and finish as you wish.  It should be included in the basement remodeling Centennial planned projects.

There are different waterproofing techniques and materials, so you should determine the optimal course of action with a specialist, who can make you the best recommendations.

How to Get a Modern-Styled Basement

modern basement finish luxury home finish specialists

The social distance associated with the pandemic also has unsuspected advantages; among them, there is the increased attention we can pay to certain home renovation projects.

If your home needs improvements and modifications, or if you are in the process of finishing a newly built house, it is worth paying special attention to the basement. It is your needs that will dictate the size and layout of this room, but you may find that this space can play other roles than the strictly useful ones.

The classic image of a basement crammed with jars full of goodies is not attractive to everyone; more and more people are also thinking about the role it can play in a series of recreational activities.

To get a modern-styled basement, suitable for whatever purpose you may have in mind, you will first have to plan proper insulation, heating and ventilation works, after which you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to the design. For some of the best in basement remodeling talk with Basement Finish Specialists in your area.

Here are a couple of ideas to transform your basement:

Fitness room

Once you have chosen the right equipment and accessories for making your favorite exercises, you can install adequate floor rubberized materials, as well as a sound system that will help you enjoy the typical atmosphere of a gym.


A sauna will require you to arrange a thermally insulated floor, with a drain. Also, a fan for the evacuation of humid air is mandatory. A flavor holder for the sauna will complete the image of a space at the door of which you leave all your worries.

Finished Basement Laundry Room Ideas

basement finishing laundry room upgrade needed

Areas specially reserved for laundry can be typically found in large houses, where there is enough space for extra-rooms having this destination. However, with proper planning and organization for your basement finishing Centennial remodel, a laundry room can be arranged even in the basement.

Often, such a room can become a real mess – a hectic and crowded space that no one actually wants in their house. The washing machine, ironing board, iron, as well as the most diverse accessories needed to take care of the laundry and store it – all these must be organized intelligently and with good taste, if you want to enjoy a room as beautiful as the rest house.

If your budget allows, it is worth investing in a laundry room almost as much as in the rest of the rooms. You should consider using the same finishing style with the rest of the house, in order to have continuity. You can also choose niche furniture collections, strictly dedicated to this use. Custom furniture, as well multifunctional furniture allows you to incorporate your appliances and save space. On the other hand, if the laundry space is generous, you can also install a TV to relax until the washing cycle is complete.

Tip: try to use the vertical space too, especially if you do not own a large basement.

What Does It Cost to Finish a Basement in Colorado?

basement remodel average cost bathroom addition

A basement can be very useful when you need a lot of storage space, but the main advantage of this room is its adaptability. With the right planning and design, any basement can be turned into a space adequate for living and/ or working. To what destination?

– It depends on your needs.

With a few exceptions, the basement can become whatever you want: office, workshop, reading room, children’s playground, cinema or relaxation area. It can be a bit more challenging to arrange a bedroom or kitchen in the basement, especially if the room is buried in the ground more than a meter, because you will need efficient ventilation; however, this problem can also be solved.
How to make a basement livable

• Remove excess moisture from floors and walls
• Insulate them
• Provide, if possible, an emergency exit
• Ensure adequate ventilation
• If necessary, install a new branch from the main electrical panel, so as not to overload the electrical circuit in the rest of the house.

Pay attention to your basement; treat it like any other room and you will get extra space not only habitable, but comfortable and charming.

The necessary materials and works, the size of the basement, as well as the specialists who will work on the finishing project will influence the price you are going to pay. In Colorado, the average cost of basement finishing is about $ 50.00 per square foot. Affordable basement finishing is possible with

Egress Windows 101

basement remodeling project egress window installation

Transforming a basement into a living space with various destinations is a rather new trend. Very old houses, constructed before WWII, have traditional basements, therefore some of them may not be up-to-date with current requirements, even if they might have been renovated in the meantime.

Egress regulations have only appeared in recent decades, but they are now applied to each room where people spend time, including the basement transformed into a living space.

The main purpose of installing egress windows is to be able to escape if an emergency occurs and you cannot use the stairs and the door. Obviously, these windows are required to be large enough to allow an adult to get out, which means at least 5 sq. feet of clear opening.
For a basement below-grade level on all sides, you will need at least one egress window.

There are two types of egress windows that meet building code requirements: casement windows and sliding windows.
Casement windows swing freely, just like a door, providing a wide opening. On the other hand, sliding windows provide more light, as they are taller and wider (that is because, due to the horizontally sliding sash, the opening is half as wide as the window). When thinking about a basement remodeling Southshore area get an ideas before making that step to ensure you get the remodel of your dreams.

How to Heat Your Basement

home energy heat finishing basement

Basements are neglected and unused or rarely used spaces in many homes, even though they have great potential and can be transformed into any type of room. Most basements that serve only as storage for clutter have no heating, so one of the first things that you need to do to make sure that your refinished basement room or rooms are comfortable is to add heating. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Calculate the capacity that you need – accurate calculations are essential because an undersized heating system will compromise comfort, while an oversized system is a waste of money. If you want to be sure that your calculations are correct, you can turn to a professional basement finishing Tuscany community contractor;
  • Choose your fuel – you can use gas heating, electric heating as well as alternative systems, such as infra panels or a pellet stove, it all depends on the features of your basement and your budget;
  • Use the right type of insulation and dehumidification system – basements are usually damper than the other levels of the building because they are poorly ventilated, therefore you will need a suitable insulation solution to keep moisture out and heat in and also an excess dehumidification system to ensure even better air quality.

Spring Cleaning List for Your Basement

framed basement finish specialists needed

If you are currently planning to start the spring cleaning, you must know that a thorough plan includes basement cleaning as well. Basements are usually neglected spaces, used for storing unused and often unusable items, so your cleaning plan for the space needs to be developed strategically – here are some tips:

  • Start with the decluttering – pick a day that is warm and dry to have sufficient outdoor space to move the items from the basement to. Check every item that you find and create three piles: one for the items that are broken and should be tossed, one for the things that are operational, but you have not used them in a year and a third pile for the items that you want to keep. Get rid of the first pile as quickly as possible and donate or sell the second pile;
  • Clean the basement – take out your vacuum, microfiber cloths, a bucket and suitable cleaning products and clean every surface in the empty basement, from ceiling to floor;
  • Replace damaged shelves and cases – if you find damaged pieces of furnishing that serve the purpose storage, remove them and install new pieces;
  • Move the items that you need back to the basement and place them on your shelves or in the cupboards.  After this you many want to consider a basement remodel by Basement Finish Specialists as they could come in and do the job when everything is cleared out and clean.

How to Make an Inspiring At-Home Learning Space for Your Kids in the Basement

basement remodeling home school learning space

Whether your kids are home-schooled, participate in a virtual learning setup or they just need a quiet space to do their homework, to work on school projects at home or to study, the basement is just perfect for creating the inspiring space that any child would love.  Hiring a basement finishing Traditions community contractor is a step in the right direction.  Here are some tips how:

  • Use colors that promote creativity as well as hues that have calming effects – each color stimulates specific brain functions and promotes specific moods. Orange, for example, is a vibrant color that stimulates the creative mind, while beige, cream and light blue have calming effects. The bright hue combined with a lighter shade will help your kid get into the right frame of mind to study efficiently;
  • Pay attention to the light – most basements are dark places, so you need to make sure that there is sufficient light available for your kids. Use multiple fixtures to create light layers and choose bulbs that do not vibrate, but that deliver light that is similar to natural light;
  • Pay attention to ergonomics – your kids need to be able to sit comfortably and the height of the desks is also important. Get durable, size-adjustable items to make sure that your kids will be able to continue to use the furniture as they grow.