Check Off This List Before Finishing Your Basement

basement remodeling check off list before starting project

To ensure that you will benefit from a quality basement transformation project, there are a number of factors you should pay attention to throughout your basement remodeling Centennial project.


The earth naturally retains water, and most of the time it enters the basement in the form of vapor. Once there, it will lead to moisture and mold formation. Worse, it can enter the house. Therefore, in order to prevent these problems, waterproofing systems are mandatory in the construction of a basement.

Water drainage

Water infiltrations are the main enemy of any construction. To protect your basement, consider installing a drainage system around the house, to take water directly into the sewer. Thus, the collected water will not reach the ground, and the risk of infiltration will decrease considerably.

Also, for the eventuality in which the water will penetrate in the basement, consider the installation of a siphon on the basement floor. Given that this room is below ground level, the water collected will have to be removed with a submersible pump.


Temperature differences between the ground and the outside air can lead to condensation. To prevent this phenomenon, make sure that the basement is well ventilated. One solution that could help you is to install a ventilation system or dehumidifiers.



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