Choosing Unique and Stylish Light Sources for Your Finished Basement

basement finish great lighting ideas

A unique light source can transform a room entirely. Aside from changing the way in which the light is being reflected and distributed throughout the room, and transforming the color of the room, it also adds to the aesthetics in a unique way, so you won’t need special paint to make your living area look special.


In a basement finishing Centennial undertaking, the lighting is even more important, since there is typically less natural light penetrating through. The windows might be small, and so your light could be on for most of the time, especially if your new remodel involves creating a study or a workshop, where you’ll have to read, work or study a lot. Directed lights such as reading lamps are best for when you have to focus on a single area, and dimming features as well as softer light for protecting your eyes should also be added.


A dimmer works great with multicolored lights for a lounger or a home theater room. It’s also great for a man cave, when you just want to have a place to relax and have a few beers with your friends.


Lighting can and will transform your basement even more than some of the finishings you add. If you choose the most appealing and suitable light source for your new remodel, you’ll find that you can even save on some of the costs required for specific elements of the renovation work, saving you a lot of money overall.

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