Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Remodeling Your Basement

mistakes to avoid basement remodeling centennial community

If you ask basement remodelers, they will tell you that a Centennial basement remodeling job will be an exciting prospect. However, as you might expect there are certain pitfalls you will have to guard against, and money isn’t always the only thing you can lose. Here are a few of the most important and sometimes dangerous pitfalls to consider:


  • Not accounting for precipitation and the elevation of your basement or the slope on which your house was built is a pretty big mistake. For instance, you might leave windows that will constantly leak rainwater into your basement every time it rains, or you might add heavy equipment to a less stable part of the basement that could destabilize your entire home.
  • Another common mistake is the installation of wiring in areas that can be flooded with water. Aside from being just a mistake, such a problem can be downright dangerous, as water and electricity definitely do not mix. So make sure you address this issue when talking to your contractor, so that you and your household will not be in danger of being electrocuted.
  • Finally, think carefully about what you want to turn your bedroom into. You might have a passing interest in music and aside from spending money on a brand new drum set, you might think about investing in a complete basement remodel to create a music room. If you’re going to lose your interest in music after some time, then you’ll probably end up spending even more money to convert the basement into something you can actually use.
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