Do You Need To Insulate Your Basement Walls?

residential basement remodeling insulate walls

Residential homes can be equipped with annexes, with different uses. These spaces are either independent constructions, or included in the structure of the house.

The cellar is one of them and must be designed in such a way as to become a functional space for a determined purpose. But how can you protect this space from water infiltrations and moisture problems? The solution consists in insulating your basement walls properly. This procedure is absolutely necessary, if only to keep away rain water absorbed in the soil. A proper waterproofing project can prevent:

  • Possibility of destroying the structure of the walls and floor;
  • Water infiltration and mold formation;
  • High humidity of the air and problems related to the thermal comfort
  • Damage to the resistance structure of the construction
  • Damage to electrical installations in the basement

You must prioritize the basement waterproofing process, because this step is absolutely necessary to enjoy all the advantages of a safe, hygienic and comfortable extra space in your home that you can design and finish as you wish.  It should be included in the basement remodeling Centennial planned projects.

There are different waterproofing techniques and materials, so you should determine the optimal course of action with a specialist, who can make you the best recommendations.

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