Egress Requirements for Your Finished Basement

refinishing basement inclue egress window safety

Why is it good to have ventilation in your finished basement? – Because ventilation is the key to preventing moisture and mold in such a space that may dangerous contaminants that have the ability to disperse into your home.  Ventilation should be a part of any new basement refinishing Centennial contractors do as it is apart of the regulations and guidelines.

Natural ventilation can be achieved by installing adequate windows in strategic places and use natural air currents. This method requires the expertise of specialists and a higher investment, but it will save energy in the long run, especially if you opt for Egress windows.

Egress windows are designed not only to increase natural light and ventilation in a finished basement, but also to provide safety and help you avoid dangerous situations (e.g. evacuating in the event of a fire).

Egress openings have net clear openings of 5.7 feet, which allow people to crawl through, opening width or min. 20 inches and opening height of min. 24 inches. These windows are operational from the inside, they do not require keys or special tools to open and may contain an attached ladder, if they are installed higher than 44 inches off the floor.

Egress windows are different from regular windows because they meet certain codes and actually they became a part of the building codes requirements.

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