Five Ideas for Your Basement Home Theatre

Top 5 basement remodeling finish

Movie nights are best when enjoyed from the comfort of your home – here are some ideas to make sure that the experience of basement remodeling Southshore homes is as rewarding as can be:

  • Replicate the atmosphere of the cinema – dark walls, a thick, dark green, blue or red carpet and large movie posters on the wall are essential components of the movie theatre experience. You can also use recessed lights and dimmable lights to take that atmosphere one step further;
  • Get large, comfortable chairs – comfortable seating is also essential for enjoying your movies, so get the largest, softest chairs available and also ensure plenty of legroom between the rows;
  • Get the largest screen possible – the larger the screen, the better the experience, so buy the largest set that you can afford;
  • Pay attention to the sound – a surround sound system is also very important, so get the best and install the speakers carefully, to create the best possible effect;
  • Pay attention to sound insulation – you will probably want to turn up the volume in your basement home theater, so make sure that the space is fitted with suitable sound insulation not to disturb the other members of your family upstairs.
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