How Long Will It Take to Get a Permit for Your Basement?

basement remodel permit

Getting a permit for the basement is something a lot of homeowners dread. It’s true that the process is required, but not having one will definitely not land you into any serious trouble. The main reason why you will want one is to get through home inspections without a hitch and make sure everything is fine before you consider selling your house.


That being said, getting a basement permit will not entail officers with big dogs knocking on your door and demanding entrance. Instead, it’s quite a simple process. An official will come by your house and ask to see your basement. After a few minutes, they will just ask you a few quick questions, before giving you the approval and leaving. If there are no safety hazards or anything problematic, this will be the gist of the entire inspection and approval process, and it will only take a few minutes of your time.


Of course, you might have to wait a few days before your request for an inspection goes through and an expert gets to your home to provide you with your inspection and permit. Wait times can differ depending on where you live, but in many cases, it definitely won’t take much longer than you’ll need for your materials to arrive, if you’re planning a remodel.  Many local home remodeling companies like will know the specifics for permits in your area.

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