How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Basement Remodel

Brighter Basement Remodeling Ideas

Most basements are dark places that have either very small windows or no window at all, therefore the lighting that you choose and install is essential for the atmosphere as well as for the usability of your basement. Here are some tips:

  • Increase the amount of natural light – even if in its original form, your basement has no or very small windows, try to figure out how you can change that by adding more windows or transparent doors in a basement remodeling Centennial home;
  • Install layers of light – though ceiling fixtures are certainly the most common types of illumination fixtures used in homes, having one strong source of light in the middle of your ceiling will never provide sufficient light for any room, let alone your basement. Ceiling fixtures are not completely useless, but you need to combine them with other fixtures, such as wall scones, ambient lighting in the form of recessed LED lights, accent lights, such as table lamps and target lights, too;
  • Use the right types of bulbs – conventional light bulbs are no longer the only option. You can nowadays choose from a wide range of bulb types, color temperatures and the choice is very wide when it comes to the energy-efficiency provided by the different options.
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