How to Get More Natural Light in Your Basement

Brind In Natural Light Basement Remodeling Project

The expansion of the living space in the basement area is an increasingly common trend with some of the newest designs in basement remodeling Southshore communities offer. Whether you want to set up a children’s playroom, a desk or a guest room, it is important to get enough natural light and fresh air in there. Basements have very little access to natural light, so you will need to find solutions to amplify it.

You can bring natural light and fresh air into your basements by installing more windows or an English (wolf jump).

Another solution, if your basement has only a couple of small windows, positioned at the top of the walls, is to amplify the natural light by choosing a bright color scheme, based on white and very light shades. Also, do not rely exclusively on one or two ceiling and wall lighting fixtures, but add in the decor recessed spotlights and floor lamps to get an atmosphere suitable to any type of activity.

Additionally, to increase the brightness of the basement, you can use mirrors, which reflect and amplify natural light and make the space look bigger, or glossy surfaces, such as glazed tiles, chairs with metal legs or MDF coffee tables with bright reflections.



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