How to Get the Most Out Of Your Small Basement

Time To Get More Basement Finishing

The cellar is a versatile area that can be transformed in various ways with the help of an expert basement finishing Traditions area contractor, depending on the space you have at your disposal.

Here are some ideas to get the most out of a small basement.

Transforming your basement into a technical room

Here, you can place the boiler and various other home equipments, including water pumps and different appliances. The technical room can be included in the construction project or can be added to an already built house. But you will have to work with an architect who will make accurate measurements of your basement and help you make the necessary technical documentation to obtain the building permit.

Transforming your basement into a wine cellar

If the basement will be used as a wine cellar, waterproofing the walls, ceiling and floor is mandatory, so that there are no problems with water infiltrations and mold. Many wineries have walls covered in wood, stone or brick – each of these materials can be used to obtain a rustic or elegant design, complemented by adequate accessories and lighting fixtures.

Transforming the basement into an office

In his case too, preliminary waterproofing works are mandatory, but the result is that you will get an intimate workspace, with a minimal investment. Otherwise, you can finish it like a regular office: parquet, office furniture, shelves, sockets, internet access and, possibly, a sofa or coffee table for visiting business partners.


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