How to Heat Your Basement

home energy heat finishing basement

Basements are neglected and unused or rarely used spaces in many homes, even though they have great potential and can be transformed into any type of room. Most basements that serve only as storage for clutter have no heating, so one of the first things that you need to do to make sure that your refinished basement room or rooms are comfortable is to add heating. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Calculate the capacity that you need – accurate calculations are essential because an undersized heating system will compromise comfort, while an oversized system is a waste of money. If you want to be sure that your calculations are correct, you can turn to a professional basement finishing Tuscany community contractor;
  • Choose your fuel – you can use gas heating, electric heating as well as alternative systems, such as infra panels or a pellet stove, it all depends on the features of your basement and your budget;
  • Use the right type of insulation and dehumidification system – basements are usually damper than the other levels of the building because they are poorly ventilated, therefore you will need a suitable insulation solution to keep moisture out and heat in and also an excess dehumidification system to ensure even better air quality.
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