How to Make an Inspiring At-Home Learning Space for Your Kids in the Basement

basement remodeling home school learning space

Whether your kids are home-schooled, participate in a virtual learning setup or they just need a quiet space to do their homework, to work on school projects at home or to study, the basement is just perfect for creating the inspiring space that any child would love.  Hiring a basement finishing Traditions community contractor is a step in the right direction.  Here are some tips how:

  • Use colors that promote creativity as well as hues that have calming effects – each color stimulates specific brain functions and promotes specific moods. Orange, for example, is a vibrant color that stimulates the creative mind, while beige, cream and light blue have calming effects. The bright hue combined with a lighter shade will help your kid get into the right frame of mind to study efficiently;
  • Pay attention to the light – most basements are dark places, so you need to make sure that there is sufficient light available for your kids. Use multiple fixtures to create light layers and choose bulbs that do not vibrate, but that deliver light that is similar to natural light;
  • Pay attention to ergonomics – your kids need to be able to sit comfortably and the height of the desks is also important. Get durable, size-adjustable items to make sure that your kids will be able to continue to use the furniture as they grow.
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