Increase Your Home Value with a Home Office Remodel

Centennial Basement Remodel Get More Increase Home Value

In many cases, the basement is spacious enough, so you can plan and renovate it to your liking, making it part of your home.  With a touch of creativity and attention to details, you can get a nice extra room that may even increase your home value.

You can turn it into a living space, an additional bedroom, a playground, a library, a relaxation or fitness room, a home cinema, a personal wine cellar or even a home office.

However, before that, you must make sure that all the causes that produce or may cause the appearance of mold, moisture or humidity are eliminated. Check if the walls are insulated, if not, make sure you include this aspect in the Centennial basement remodeling design project. Also make sure that you have a ventilation system or consider the construction/ installation of one.

If you work from home or simply want to spend some of your free time working on a writing project that you have been thinking about for some time, you can set up an office in your basement. It will give you a quiet corner, away from the hustle and bustle of the house. Choose, first of all, the essentials: the desk and the office chair, the pieces of furniture with shelves and drawers for folders, papers, markers, hairpins, business cards, etc.

Go for the open-space model to enjoy the ventilation provided by a generous and tastefully arranged space. Do not forget about the lighting. You will need white light, which is more conducive to productivity.

For work breaks, you can arrange a relaxing corner with an armchair or sofa and a coffee table.

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