Is a Basement Remodel Worth the Investment?

unfinished basement remodel project needed

An unfinished basement is great if all you need is an extra storage space for unused items, but getting it refinished or remodeling it yourself is an excellent way to add more functionality and to extend your living space. Basement remodeling comes with one more benefit: it adds value to your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Here is why investing into your basement space is such a great idea:

  • More comfort in your home – basements can be transformed into any space, it can serve as a guest room, a kids’ room, a man’s cave, an extra kitchen, a recreational space, a home office, a study room, anything you need to have more space upstairs;
  • Selling your home faster and for more – the investment into a basement remodeling project is a great way to astonish your potential buyers and most of it can be included in the sales price (experts say that the average return on the investment is around 75 cents on the dollar);
  • You can try your DIY skills – many of the involved work processes, such as the plumbing, the insulation, the installation of the electrical wiring and of the lighting fixtures, should be outsourced to professionals, but you can try yourself at interior design, painting, decoration, assembling furniture and much more. Doing some of the work DIY-style will also reduce the costs.

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