Is Insulation A Good Idea for All Basement Finishes?

Insulation Basement Finishing

The basements of new buildings are usually required to be insulated with R-11 material or higher and when you are renovating or refinishing your basement, you should stick to the same standard, so yes, your basement finishing Southlands area definitely needs insulation. Here are some more thoughts:

  • Energy efficiency – unfinished basements are usually cold, damp places that can transfer some of their coldness and dampness to the building above. Insulation is the best and the only way to prevent that from happening – insulation of the suitable type and size will prevent the penetration of unwanted moisture into your building, it will transform your basement into a cozy, warm space that has fresh air and it will prevent the energy exchange between your building interior and the outdoor space;
  • Reduced noise – if you are planning to use your basement as a music room, your entire family will be grateful for the sound blocking effects of your insulation;
  • Fire safety – the types of insulation materials that are suitable for basements, such as un-faced fiberglass, provide protection from fires as well. You should check out the range of suitable material options – Styrofoam, for example, is not a fire-resistant material, therefore it is dangerous for confined spaces, such as basements.
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