Popular Basement Remodeling Trends


Most popular basement remodel

It was not until the 1950s that Americans began using the basements of their houses as living spaces. Since then, more importance has begun to be given to the design of these rooms. Here are some ideas for arranging your basement, which can help you transform this space into a room with a personalized design, in which to spend relaxing moments, or which you can use to do some of your daily activities.

Personal wine cellar

For wine lovers, the basement can be used to create a personal wine cellar. With the help of special shelves for storing bottles, you will be able to cover the walls from the ceiling to the floor, to accommodate a collection of wines to your taste! The lower temperature in the basement will play an essential role in keeping the liquors in proper condition.


A pantry is a useful space for anyone who wants to shorten the time spent shopping. Here you can store various food supplies and drinks. The low temperature will help you keep perishable foods for a longer time.

Fitness room

The basement can also be an ideal place for a small fitness room. Cover one of the walls with a large mirror, add white lighting (preferably ceiling spots), the necessary equipment and supplies and… start working out! You have no excuses anymore…


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