Practical Basement Finishing Issues to Look Out for

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Basement remodeling is definitely not an easy task. Aside from the more obvious issues you’d expect, there are some very problematic aspects that most experienced basement remodelers will draw your attention to. The following concerns should be addressed before you even plan your basement remodeling project, so as to avoid the many headaches and technical challenges that could come up once work on the project has started:


  • Some might recommend fiberglass insulation for various parts of the house. In some areas it might perform very well, since fiberglass has an excellent ability for heat insulation. However, if you use that type of insulation in your basement, chances are that it will develop mold pretty quickly. As such, most experts will recommend that you avoid it entirely.
  • Another thing you should remember is a fact that is almost self-evident: anything made of wood will not last very long in a damp basement. However, while some finishing elements could last longer than others, wooden floors will almost always fail.
  • Be very careful when you plan to remodel your basement and you don’t take into account the floor plan of your home. A poorly designed basement remodel can lead to layout problems that would make some areas entirely unusable.  For a basement finish that you will absolutely love, have professionals such as Basement Finish Specialists do all the work.
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