Should You DIY Your Basement Remodel

basement finish specialist instead of DIY hands holding tools

DIY-ing your basement remodel is possible, but recommended only if you have the necessary experience and skills, because it will be a complex project. If you make mistakes, your work may be in vain, and your newly remodeled basement will fail to provide you the benefits you expect.

If you want to build a perfect basement, it is necessary, first of all, to gather information about the groundwater level in the area. If the groundwater is very high, the waterproofing must be done very carefully. Moreover, you may need to add proper water drainage systems.

Second, the cellar will need insulation on all sides, including the basement foundation. Do not neglect this step! Bituminous membranes used for waterproofing the foundation can also be used on the basement walls. Additionally, you can increase the insulation level by adding extruded polystyrene and an additional special membrane that drains water from precipitation and mechanically protects the polystyrene from the filling earth.

You will also have to properly insulate the joints of the basement, which are the most vulnerable places to infiltrations, as well as the penetrations going through the basement ceiling to the floor above (holes for wires, water drain pipes etc.)  With so much to think about, it is best to have the professionals in basement remodeling do the job from

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