Spring Cleaning List for Your Basement

framed basement finish specialists needed

If you are currently planning to start the spring cleaning, you must know that a thorough plan includes basement cleaning as well. Basements are usually neglected spaces, used for storing unused and often unusable items, so your cleaning plan for the space needs to be developed strategically – here are some tips:

  • Start with the decluttering – pick a day that is warm and dry to have sufficient outdoor space to move the items from the basement to. Check every item that you find and create three piles: one for the items that are broken and should be tossed, one for the things that are operational, but you have not used them in a year and a third pile for the items that you want to keep. Get rid of the first pile as quickly as possible and donate or sell the second pile;
  • Clean the basement – take out your vacuum, microfiber cloths, a bucket and suitable cleaning products and clean every surface in the empty basement, from ceiling to floor;
  • Replace damaged shelves and cases – if you find damaged pieces of furnishing that serve the purpose storage, remove them and install new pieces;
  • Move the items that you need back to the basement and place them on your shelves or in the cupboards.  After this you many want to consider a basement remodel by Basement Finish Specialists as they could come in and do the job when everything is cleared out and clean.
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