The Top 3 Materials to Use for Basement Finishing This Year

basement finishing products wood stone brick

Autumn is a great time for basement finishing Tuscany projects, because the temperature is ideal.

Here are some material suggestions that you could consider for such a project.

  • Wood and natural stone

For a rustic-style basement, you can opt for materials such as wood and natural stone. They can be complemented, on the decorative side, by plants and natural fiber fabrics. As there is a risk that the humidity will be slightly higher than in the rest of the house, it is advisable to use treated wood and stone, so that these materials have a longer life.

In the basement, wood can be used for wall cladding, furniture or to create various ornaments. As for the stone, it can be used for both floors or walls. You can choose decorative natural stone, river stone or slate. For an elegant look, you can opt for a few marble details. The recommended colors are white, gray or cream, which optically increase the space, without creating a gloomy atmosphere.

  • Brick

Bricks and concrete are best suited for building a basement because they are strong, durable and tolerate moisture and low temperatures.

Over time, the classic brick, made of clay or ceramic, has evolved into various models, one of them being the apparent brick. The apparent brick cladding has a decorative role for the interior walls of the basement, in projects in which the aesthetic element prevails. The great variety of colors and textures available in the case of apparent brick allows it to be used in arrangements regardless of the decorative style chosen for the interior design.


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