Things To Avoid When Remodeling Your Basement

avoid mistakes basesment remodeling tips


  • Ignoring the importance of insulation

A house with a basement is much more exposed to infiltrations than a house that does not have a basement. Therefore, waterproofing this room is essential. Improper waterproofing will lead to moisture buildup, which will affect the entire home.  Insulation is a very important step in the basement remodeling Centennial area project.

  • Failing to properly design the drainage and rainwater collection system

The system for draining and collecting rainwater must be carefully thought out and dimensioned correctly in the basement area, in order to keep away the water coming from precipitations. It is recommended that the basement has a drain hole in the floor. If this is not an option in your case, you can build a base (a pit with concrete walls, but with a non-concrete bottom, in which you can install a submersible pump) with the purpose of collecting water from the basement and evacuate it with the help of the pump.

  • Underestimating the importance of proper ventilation

Ventilation in the basement is essential to enjoy the comfort you need and prevent moisture problems that can extend in your entire house. It wouldn’t hurt to even consider an additional ventilation system. Why? Because, if the basement is not very well ventilated, condensation will soon make its appearance on the walls, even if the room is perfectly waterproof.

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