Tips for Remodeling with Low Basement Ceilings

Basement Finishing Low Ceilings Wet Bar Built In

Painting the walls and ceiling in the same color

This blurs the border between the two areas, not to mention that it is also convenient, making painting much easier to do. White is the natural choice in such situations, but you can also use light shades of other colors, if you have certain basement finishing Southshore preferences or it suits your interior design better.


Choosing low furniture items

Choosing low furniture items will leave more free space in the upper part of the room, making it look more airy. In general, the agglomeration of the elements in the lower part of the room leads to the definition of a visual limit on the walls, leaving exposed a larger surface of them, which gives the impression of greater height.


Visual magnification with lighting

It is well known that lighting plays a very important role in the decor of any room. In a basement with low ceiling, you have to pay increased attention to decorative lighting. First of all, give up the idea of adding a chandelier or any kind of suspended lighting fixture, as it will only reduce the distance between the ceiling and the floor. We therefore recommend that you either replace them with decorative spotlights, or resort to several local lighting sources, strategically placed in different areas of the room: sconces, lamps, floor lamps, etc.


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