What If I Change My Mind About A Design After My Basement Finish Has Already Begun?

Basement Remodeling Designs Ideas

The phenomenon happens more often than you would think – almost every basement owner changes their mind about at least one design element after the project has started – and the answer depends on many aspects. Here are some of these aspects:

  • The area that you have changed your mind about – there are many types of changes that require the building owner to obtain a building permit for. Examples of such changes are modifications that requires walls to be built or demolished, work that affects the electrical system and the plumbing. If you change your mind about a solution that affects these systems and tasks, you will need a new blueprint and new permits before the work can continue;
  • Minor changes – if you change your mind about aspects that concern the appearance of your basement remodeling Southlands area, such as the color or the type of paint to be used on the walls or the type of flooring, the modifications can surely be implemented without any major disruption. However, before you make up your mind to replace one material with another, talk to your contractor – not all building and décor materials can be used in basements, so you need an expert opinion before you go out shopping for new materials.
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