What To Do When Your Basement Has Low Ceilings?

basement low ceiling finishing needed remodel

The basement is often a space with many disadvantages, one of which is the lower ceiling. However, with a little imagination and an affordable budget, it can be turned into a welcoming, warm room, where you will not feel the pressure of the ceiling.

Designers have various solutions for this.

  1. Chromatics

When decorating a basement with a low ceiling, it would be best to choose a lighter color for the ceiling than for the walls; you can even choose to paint it completely white.

  1. Exploit space horizontally

Try to avoid high furniture; opt for lower pieces and be more concerned about their length than their height. This will maximize the space between the furniture and the ceiling, and this will make the room look taller.

  1. Vertical stripes

Vertical stripes are a fashion trick that many people use. You should know that they have the same elongation effect in interior decorations.

  1. Lighting

In the case of basements with low ceilings, the most suitable lighting accessories are sconces or spotlights. They provide efficient lighting and take up very little space. Voluminous chandeliers or lamps will reduce the distance between the ceiling and the floor, draw attention to the lower ceiling and load the decor.


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