What You Should Ask Your Contractor before a Basement Finishing Project

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A basement finish Copper Leaf project is a minimal investment that will bring you many benefits. In addition to the extra storage space, the basement can be arranged in a way that it becomes a place for various activities, a guest room where you can meet with friends, or even the personal room of a family member. By following simple construction and layout rules, you will be able to enjoy your space for a long time, with minimal costs.

Here is what you should ask your contractor before starting a basement finishing project:

  • How will you address the problem of waterproofing? – The basement is a space permanently exposed to a humid environment that predisposes to the appearance and spread of mold. Ensuring proper waterproofing will prevent serious moisture problems that may affect indoor comfort.


  • What are the best ventilation options? – Natural ventilation is not always good in a basement, which is why your contractor needs to find the best alternative methods to solve this problem. Sometimes it is possible to install a small window that stays open all the time, but this is not always enough. The best decision is to install a high-performance ventilation system to prevent condensation.


  • How will you prevent water damage? – Keep in mind that the basement is a room below ground level, so all the water that collects from the rain can seriously affect the walls and, consequently, the house above. Make sure your contractor is equipped to implement a rainwater drainage system to prevent extensive damage.
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