Why Waterproofed Basement Walls Are Necessary

basement remodel start with waterproof walls

Water that comes in contact with an unprotected structure is the main factor that contributes to the destruction of a building. This often happens with uninsulated basements, which are very prone to water infiltrations.

To ensure that your basement is properly protected, you must make a waterproofing plan. But first, you will have to understand the reasons why a basement waterproofing process is necessary:

  • Excluding water infiltrations and the moisture issues they cause
  • Preventing the formation of mold on the walls (mold can be a real problem for your health, as well as for the products you may store in your basement, not to mention that it is very difficult to get rid of it!)
  • Avoiding excessive humidity, which may spread in the house through the vents
  • Excluding the possibility of moisture transfer to the basement`s ceiling
  • Preventing the occurrence of the risk of short circuits in the electrical installation of the basement

The main advantages of a waterproofed basement include

  • You create a buffer space between the ground and the rooms above the basement
  • You reduce the costs related to air conditioning or heating your house, by maintaining a constant temperature in the basement

These advantages are complemented by the possibility of using the basement for various purposes, depending on your needs and the type of basement refinishing Centennial project you plan to do. It is a versatile space and can be modeled according to preferences – as long as it is properly waterproofed.


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