Why You Should Consider a Home Bar in Your Basement


basement finishing retro cellar

Looking for a little something to spruce up your home? Maybe something that adds an element of fun and entertainment? May we suggest: a home bar in your basement!

The existence of a cellar makes you the lucky owner of an extra space that you can remodel as you wish. One of the most popular options is to transform the cellar into a home bar, with basement finishing Centennial costs being affordable, why not?

If you are passionate about drinks in general, and not just wines, you can set up a bar. Wood is the material recommended for covering the walls and, behind the bar you can place the drinks on hanging shelves. To create the impression of more space, you can also add a mirror on one of the walls.

Key Components for a Basement Bar

  • Countertop
  • Stools
  • Foot rail for resting tired feet
  • Bar molding
  • Work counter
  • Taps

If your budget allows, you can even create an area of ​​relaxation and good cheer. You can install a pool table or dart board on one of the walls, to create that bar atmosphere. For extra originality, you can also think of a name for your cellar transformed into a bar and add a bar sign.

A home bar in your basement will give you an extra reason to spend more time with friends in this room and have fun!

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