Remodeling Your Basement into a Home Theatre

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Traditionally, basements are used to store wine as well as various supplies, but in recent years, we have seen them transformed into kitchens, bars, billiard rooms or fitness rooms. However, if you think about remodeling your basement, you must keep in mind that this is a place with special characteristics in terms of humidity, temperature and light.

The possibilities of transforming the basement are unlimited, and most of them can be achieved with a minimum of effort and a small financial investment.

The experience of a projected film is extraordinary, which is why movie theaters are still very popular.  The screen of a TV or laptop cannot provide the same sense of suspense as an image projected on an entire wall. On the other hand, the comfort of your own home will never be matched by a movie theatre.

Luckily, you can get both advantages by turning your basement into your own mini-cinema! You will have to do some work to insulate the space properly, ensure adequate ventilation and decorate it, but the investment does not have to be too big. The decor of the basement transformed into a theatre requires only a few essentials – a home cinema system, comfortable armchairs and adequate lighting, and you will have a room where you can spend funny moments watching a good comedy, wipe your tears during a drama or enjoy the suspense of a thriller!  You can find quality help when beginning your basement finishing Tuscany community remodel.


Turn Your Basement Into A Homey Retreat for Guests

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Basements are places where people store junk, pickle jars, mismatched or obsolete objects etc. Thus, they often become unhealthy areas, where a lot of useless things pile up, instead of being thrown to the trash bin or recycled.

However, some people choose to take advantage of this additional space and transform it into an extra room, a place of refuge or recreation, a homey retreat for your guests.

From the transformation of the basement to a fully functional room, there is only one step.

Your home is not so big and you would like to have a room where you can invite your friends to have fun, play various board games, listen to music and serve a delicious cocktail? – Consider renovating your basement and… ta-da! – your wish becomes true! You can place a small bar, an audio system or a home cinema to watch your favorite movies with your loved ones, a pool table and of course a sofa and several comfortable armchairs. You can juggle creatively with the lights and create the atmosphere you like.

If you receive frequent visits from friends and you want them to stay longer with you, the basement can be also successfully transformed into an extra bedroom for your guests.  Look to professional in basement refinishing Centennial area for your basement transformation.


What Are the Worst Floors You Can Choose for Your Finished Basement?

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Basement remodels can be a very inspired choice. However, there are some things you need to know about your basement before you turn it into a fully fledged living area, and one of them is that the flooring you choose has to be considered very carefully. The added moisture and temperature differences associated with your basement can lead some types of flooring to succumb to water damage and mold more easily, and you might find yourself having to replace or repair it very soon.


Moisture is the main enemy to think of here. So most experts will advise you to steer clear of flooring and floor coverings that can easily be affected by moisture – namely, hardwood, carpets and rugs.


Hardwood can last longer if the wood you choose is less impervious to water damage, but ultimately all types of wood are more easily damaged than concrete, granite, stone or even metal. Installing wood would generally require that you install some sort of sub-flooring, which will be more easily affected by moisture in the basement than in other areas of your home. As your basement floods or becomes affected by condensation and other sources of moisture over the years, wood tiles will tend to buckle and warp.


Carpets will have to be replaced even more frequently than wood. Most carpets develop mold growth, and floods can completely destroy cheaper carpets, leading to their frequent replacement. This will increase your costs over time, even if the initial investment will be quite small.  So when you are ready for your basement finishing Forest Trace project make sure to consider what is needed to have it be completely successful.

Choosing Unique and Stylish Light Sources for Your Finished Basement

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A unique light source can transform a room entirely. Aside from changing the way in which the light is being reflected and distributed throughout the room, and transforming the color of the room, it also adds to the aesthetics in a unique way, so you won’t need special paint to make your living area look special.


In a basement finishing Centennial undertaking, the lighting is even more important, since there is typically less natural light penetrating through. The windows might be small, and so your light could be on for most of the time, especially if your new remodel involves creating a study or a workshop, where you’ll have to read, work or study a lot. Directed lights such as reading lamps are best for when you have to focus on a single area, and dimming features as well as softer light for protecting your eyes should also be added.


A dimmer works great with multicolored lights for a lounger or a home theater room. It’s also great for a man cave, when you just want to have a place to relax and have a few beers with your friends.


Lighting can and will transform your basement even more than some of the finishings you add. If you choose the most appealing and suitable light source for your new remodel, you’ll find that you can even save on some of the costs required for specific elements of the renovation work, saving you a lot of money overall.

What Are the Details You Must Consider Before You Finish Your Basement

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Getting a basement remodel can be a very exciting job, and it can also teach you a lot about the various things that make up a complete remodeling project. However, transforming a basement from a damp, dark area to a comfortable living area can be a challenge, and it may require a lot of changes – such as installing improved insulation, new windows and even a better floor that won’t succumb to water damage.


Before getting started, make sure you find out as much as possible about the various elements that could cause your new basement finishing to crumble. Frequent floods should be accounted for, for instance, when you choose the new paint or wall covering, as well as when you select the new flooring for your basement. Careful consideration is also required for rewiring any electronics and making sure that there are no cables that could be exposed to water. Safety is the most important thing to remember here!


Finally, keep in mind that not all finishing jobs are equal, and some are far more expensive, time consuming and challenging than others. So, before assuming that you can get away with minimal costs, make sure you do all the math and ask a professional contractor with about the potential costs and the challenges you might face, before you even get started.

How to Get the Ball Rolling When Finishing Your Basement

Get The Ball Rolling Basement Finish Movie Theater

It’s great to get a basement remodel. That’s something every homeowner who has done it according to plan will be able to tell you – and usually with a smile on their face. The idea that you can extend your living space without even spending too much money, and that you can make it a fun DIY project on a Sunday afternoon, is already enough to get most tech savvy homeowners excited.


Whether you love DIY remodels, or if you just want to get a contractor in and finish the job as soon as possible, you have to keep in mind a few important tips for starting out with finishing your basement:


  1. Be clear about what you want to do from the start, and find out how much all the materials (and labor, if you hire someone) will cost. You don’t want any surprises down the line, and if you get a contractor, you certainly want to get a written estimate so there won’t be any complications that would make things difficult financially.
  2. Plan the project in detail and find out exactly how long it will take. Some remodels can take longer, especially if you install advanced electronics like a home theater system, or if you need to change the flooring.
  3. Only hire reputable experts like Basement Finish Specialists. If you do plan to hire a contractor for your basement remodel, make sure that they are knowledgeable and experienced with the types of tasks that you’ll need them to do for you – such as installing new flooring, painting your basement properly, or rewiring everything safely without causing a short circuit.

Does a Finished Basement Really Increase the Value of Your Home?

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As many experts will tell you, basement finishing traditions can increase the value of your home to an impressive extent. However, it really depends on the type of remodel you are considering. In some cases, a cheap remodel involving something like a storage area will not go over too well, and your potential buyers will not be too impressed. But if you turn your basement into a man cave, a music room, a home theater or a comfy lounge, you can be sure that a lot of people who check it out will be more than interested.


The idea behind basement remodels is that they add more practical living space to your home. Aside from just having your bedrooms, study and living area, you will also have the basement, which can be used as anything you want it to be, as long as you have the resources to hire a dependable contractor to modify it.


In many cases, you won’t even have to do too much. A paint job, a few repairs, some new flooring and some used, but good quality furniture will do the trick. As long as it looks good, it’s comfortable, and all the systems – such as the wiring, sound system and/or plumbing – work properly, you’ll have at hand a true gold mine that will increase the value of your home to an impressive extent if you plan to sell it.

What Is the Best Time of the Year to Hire a Contractor?

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Depending on the type of remodeling project you want to work on, hiring a dependable contractor for basement finish Copper Leaf community can be a pretty important task. Choosing the right time of the year for your project can be equally important, and you’ll find that most contractors will be pretty busy during late spring, when most people choose to remodel their homes while preparing for the summer.


Early spring can be a great time for it, since not everyone starts so early. However, depending on where you live, the weather can be pretty predictable during this time, so if the job involves exterior work – such as repainting your home or replacing your roof – then it might not be such a good idea to do it during that time of the year.


Autumn is usually the best time for most remodeling jobs. During late summer and early autumn, the weather can be perfect, and as most homeowners choose to go on vacation during this time, contractors will be pretty free. Also, as a lot of people will avoid this time since it’s right before winter, you can be sure that your contractor will be punctual, and they’ll even be willing to offer you a discount in most cases.

What Are the Most Popular Toys and Accessories to Add to Your Man Cave

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Toys, gadgets and accessories can be added to a man cave to make it really exciting. If you recently hired basement refinishing Centennial contractors to remodel your basement to turn it into an awesome man cave, you might want to think about upgrading it further, by adding at least some of the following handy and popular toys and accessories:


  • Personalized chess sets, dart boards and pool tables can be a great addition for your man cave, depending on its size. Even if you can’t fit a full size pool table, adding a small table a few chairs and some board games can be a great idea nonetheless.
  • Vintage toy cars and vehicle models can also be a great addition. You can find lots of great models that are accurately designed to be scaled down versions of old, classic cars. Just imagine how your neighbor will react if he sees a stunning depiction of a famous Harley or Corvette acting as the main conversation piece displayed in your man cave.
  • It’s also great to add signs to your man cave that will make it more personalized and fun. A professional looking “Dad’s Workshop” sign or a funny “Work Hard, Play Harder!” sign will make you and your visitors feel right at home from the very start.

The Average Cost of Finishing Your Basement

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The average cost of a basement refinishing project can be anywhere between $6,500 and $30,500, even higher. The costs that you will need to deal with depend on numerous factors – here are some:

  • The size of the basement – the larger the basement, the more material is needed for the refinishing process and the more work the process needs;
  • Labor costs – while most basement finishing projects require skilled Basement Finish Specialists, many homeowners choose to contribute with work of their own to reduce the costs. Handling simple tasks, such as wall painting, floor removal or the installation of insulation, can significantly lower the overall costs of your new basement;
  • What the basement will be used for – you can convert your basement for almost any purpose. You can convert it into an entertainment room, an extra living room, a man cave, a bar or you can transform it into an apartment for your guests. Each type of space has a specific set of applicable building codes, such as extra exit doors or special insulation. The costs of the finishing project will largely depend on these extra features, so it is recommended to check the applicable regulations and to include the mandatory extras into your calculation before starting the project.