Three Reasons Why Builders Don’t Pre-Finish Basements


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The traditional role of a basement is the storage of goods or food, but nowadays, more and more people choose to use this space in a different way.

In the case of arranging a basement as a storage space, the main advantage is that you will not spend very large amounts of money for finishes. On the contrary, a basement can be extremely efficient even without finishes (plaster, paint etc.). Moreover, because it is located underground, the temperature will be constant throughout the year, regardless of outdoor weather conditions.

In general, builders do not pre-finish basements precisely because it is not absolutely necessary. Another reason is that many contracts are focused only on basement construction and waterproofing. In addition, the owners can decide, later, to finish the space as they wish for their basement finishing traditions.

There are several types of basements and many more possibilities to arrange them. For example, one of the most popular ways to finish a basement is turning it into a wine cellar. In this sense, probably the most beautiful and suitable style to choose is the rustic-country style, which is based on natural materials such as wood, brick or stone. These types of finishes match very well with solid wood furniture.



Five Reasons to Hire Professionals to Finish Your Basement

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Everyone will enjoy the result of the work of an interior design specialist. Whether you have no idea how to arrange the basement, or you have some ideas that you do not know how to put in practice, or you simply want to give an original style or orientation to this space, choosing a specialist is often the solution that can save you a lot of hassle.

Here are 5 reasons to call a specialist to finish your basement:

  1. Professional, specialized evaluation

The basement is a space with special characteristics, which has special requirements in terms of waterproofing, ventilation and lighting – all this to avoid problems that could ruin your investment as well as your comfort.  It’s best for basement finish Copper Leaf area professionals to evaluate.

  1. Budgeting and correct planning of the work

By calling on an interior design professional, you can stay within your budget without exceeding it and thus save time and effort. A specialist knows where to look for the resources required for everything you need for your basement.

  1. Money savings

Hiring a professional can help you avoid costly mistakes.

  1. Connection with other specialists

A professional in basement finishing projects has connections with other craftsmen needed in the process (plumbers, electricians, painters etc.), with whom they can put you in touch.

  1. Adding value to your house

A specialist identifies the aesthetic and functional potential of the basement, exploiting it in such a way as to increase the value of the house.

Check Off This List Before Finishing Your Basement

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To ensure that you will benefit from a quality basement transformation project, there are a number of factors you should pay attention to throughout your basement remodeling Centennial project.


The earth naturally retains water, and most of the time it enters the basement in the form of vapor. Once there, it will lead to moisture and mold formation. Worse, it can enter the house. Therefore, in order to prevent these problems, waterproofing systems are mandatory in the construction of a basement.

Water drainage

Water infiltrations are the main enemy of any construction. To protect your basement, consider installing a drainage system around the house, to take water directly into the sewer. Thus, the collected water will not reach the ground, and the risk of infiltration will decrease considerably.

Also, for the eventuality in which the water will penetrate in the basement, consider the installation of a siphon on the basement floor. Given that this room is below ground level, the water collected will have to be removed with a submersible pump.


Temperature differences between the ground and the outside air can lead to condensation. To prevent this phenomenon, make sure that the basement is well ventilated. One solution that could help you is to install a ventilation system or dehumidifiers.



Five Ideas for Your Basement Home Theatre

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Movie nights are best when enjoyed from the comfort of your home – here are some ideas to make sure that the experience of basement remodeling Southshore homes is as rewarding as can be:

  • Replicate the atmosphere of the cinema – dark walls, a thick, dark green, blue or red carpet and large movie posters on the wall are essential components of the movie theatre experience. You can also use recessed lights and dimmable lights to take that atmosphere one step further;
  • Get large, comfortable chairs – comfortable seating is also essential for enjoying your movies, so get the largest, softest chairs available and also ensure plenty of legroom between the rows;
  • Get the largest screen possible – the larger the screen, the better the experience, so buy the largest set that you can afford;
  • Pay attention to the sound – a surround sound system is also very important, so get the best and install the speakers carefully, to create the best possible effect;
  • Pay attention to sound insulation – you will probably want to turn up the volume in your basement home theater, so make sure that the space is fitted with suitable sound insulation not to disturb the other members of your family upstairs.

What Is the Cost of Finishing a Basement?

Cost Effective refinishing basement

The average costs of basement refinishing Centennial homes range from $25 to $50 per square foot, but the actual costs of your particular basement finishing project will be determined by lots of factors. Here are some:

  • The amount of work that you can or are willing to put in – basement finishing projects usually involve lots of tasks that do not require special skills and tools, such as wall painting, the removal of the old paint from the walls or of the old flooring, general cleaning, the removal of the objects stored in the basement. Taking up some of these jobs on your own can significantly lower the costs of the basement remodel. If you are a skilled DIYer, you can also take up more specialized tasks, such as installing the flooring or the dry wall, to further reduce the costs;
  • The materials used – while you should choose the highest quality when it comes to the insulation, the plumbing, the heating and the electrical system in your basement, some high-end decoration solutions, such as hardwood flooring, large TV screens and leather furniture will increase the costs, so if you want to cut the expenses, try alternatives, such as vinyl flooring and vintage furniture.

Things To Do Before Starting Your Basement Remodel

Things To Do Before Basement Remodeling List

What are the rules for building a basement? What works are needed to renovate a basement? – These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before starting your basement remodel project.

If you want to arrange your basement as a living space, it is best to construct it east, west or south -oriented, so that it can get heat from the sun. On the other hand, if you want to arrange a wine cellar or a space for storing food, you should have it built to the north. In the absence of the sun, the cellar will keep a low temperature all year round, suitable for wines or food.

The foundation of a basement can be close to a groundwater source, so it is very important to properly insulate the walls, ceiling and floor against moisture. The most commonly recommended waterproofing materials are the bituminous membranes available on the market.

If the basement’s entrance is from the outside, it would be best to get an insulating double glazed door. Windows will also need to be double glazed to prevent unwanted air transfer.

For finishing the floor, natural stone is the most recommended material, but sandstone is an equally good choice. In the construction phase, it is vital to decide what constant temperature you will want to have in your basement, to determine the necessary level of ventilation as well as to choose an air conditioning installation.  So if you do not want to do the work yourself, look for professionals in basement finishing Forest Trace area for a job well done.


How Turning Your Basement into a Gym Will Help Your New Year’s Resolution to Get in Shape

basement finish workout room equipment

If getting in shape is among the New Year resolutions that you are the most determined about, here is how transforming your basement into a gym can help you stick to your plan and achieve your fitness goals:

  • A handy and comfortable solution – most gym goers consider it difficult and exhausting to commute to their favorite place to work out, then to commute back home. Having your own gym will eliminate all the nuisance involved with the commute and will allow you to work out whenever you feel like, even at night;
  • Shorter workout sessions to fit your schedule – having multiple, shorter trainings each day is considered to be an excellent way to keep your metabolic rate up. A well-equipped gym in your home allows you to jump on that treadmill even if you have only 20 minutes, so it is the best thing to have if you want to become fitter or slimmer and more trimmed;
  • Having the machines that you like – you will need equipment for each major muscle group, but you are free to choose the machines that work best for you;
  • Having the entertainment you like – many people like to listen to music or to watch TV while they are exercising, but in most gyms, it is impossible to enjoy your favorite kind of entertainment without disturbing others. In your own gym, you can train to your favorite tunes turned on at maximum volume or you can keep your mind distracted with your favorite show whenever you want.  Find some of the best in basement finish Copper Leaf community and get started today.

How To Afford A Basement Remodel

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Remodeling the basement is a great way to add more living space. Real estate experts confirm that, of all the major improvements of the house, none is more effective to add real value to your property than to turn the unfinished basement into a comfortably renovated living space. This is one of the few improvements that not only bring you a significant return on your initial investment, but also add more value to your home.

The costs of such a project can vary greatly, depending on how you approach the project and what kind of features you want to add.

Also, selecting high quality materials will incur higher costs, but you need to use good materials for lasting effects. To determine the cost of a project for a basement renovation, consider the basic cost of the materials and add the workmanship costs (how much you pay for the interior renovation specialists you hire).

There are ways to save on these costs, such as performing some of the tasks yourself and buying materials wisely. To afford a basement finishing Centennial project, make sure to plan this project carefully, identify – with the help of specialists – the best deals and save money for it, to avoid taking a large sum of money from your pocket at once.

Should You DIY Your Basement Remodel

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DIY-ing your basement remodel is possible, but recommended only if you have the necessary experience and skills, because it will be a complex project. If you make mistakes, your work may be in vain, and your newly remodeled basement will fail to provide you the benefits you expect.

If you want to build a perfect basement, it is necessary, first of all, to gather information about the groundwater level in the area. If the groundwater is very high, the waterproofing must be done very carefully. Moreover, you may need to add proper water drainage systems.

Second, the cellar will need insulation on all sides, including the basement foundation. Do not neglect this step! Bituminous membranes used for waterproofing the foundation can also be used on the basement walls. Additionally, you can increase the insulation level by adding extruded polystyrene and an additional special membrane that drains water from precipitation and mechanically protects the polystyrene from the filling earth.

You will also have to properly insulate the joints of the basement, which are the most vulnerable places to infiltrations, as well as the penetrations going through the basement ceiling to the floor above (holes for wires, water drain pipes etc.)  With so much to think about, it is best to have the professionals in basement remodeling do the job from

Remodeling Your Basement into a Home Theatre

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Traditionally, basements are used to store wine as well as various supplies, but in recent years, we have seen them transformed into kitchens, bars, billiard rooms or fitness rooms. However, if you think about remodeling your basement, you must keep in mind that this is a place with special characteristics in terms of humidity, temperature and light.

The possibilities of transforming the basement are unlimited, and most of them can be achieved with a minimum of effort and a small financial investment.

The experience of a projected film is extraordinary, which is why movie theaters are still very popular.  The screen of a TV or laptop cannot provide the same sense of suspense as an image projected on an entire wall. On the other hand, the comfort of your own home will never be matched by a movie theatre.

Luckily, you can get both advantages by turning your basement into your own mini-cinema! You will have to do some work to insulate the space properly, ensure adequate ventilation and decorate it, but the investment does not have to be too big. The decor of the basement transformed into a theatre requires only a few essentials – a home cinema system, comfortable armchairs and adequate lighting, and you will have a room where you can spend funny moments watching a good comedy, wipe your tears during a drama or enjoy the suspense of a thriller!  You can find quality help when beginning your basement finishing Tuscany community remodel.