Remodel Tips: How to Turn Your Basement Into an Ideal Home Office

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Basement finishing can be difficult when you’re stressed out or pressed for time. When you want your home office to be ready as soon as possible so you can manage your work or business in peace, then both those facts might be true. As a result, DIY basement remodeling is definitely not recommended in such cases.


Your best choice by far is to contact a dependable Aurora contractor like Basement Finish Specialists – a service that actually specializes in preparing basements for many different uses. Turning your basement into a home office will become extremely easy when you start discussing how to choose the right flooring and finishing, what types of furniture you should go with, and how to go about getting your basement soundproofed, if you need to have more peace and silence while you work.


Basement Finishing Southshore Specialists will also advise you on a lot of other issues that you might not even have thought about. For example, they’ll show you which options are best suited for ensuring that your basement doesn’t flood and what precautions can be taken in case there’s a really bad storm and flooding becomes inevitable. They will even provide you with helpful tips on getting your home office remodel just right for the type of work you’re doing.

Is a Home Office Remodel Necessary Before Starting Work from Home?

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During this period when the pandemic turned our lives upside down, many people who started working from home went through a home office remodel project, in order to arrange their office according to their needs.

A popular choice is to turn the basement into an office. This way, you can put to good use a valuable space that was most likely underappreciated before (used for storage, in most of the cases) and create the office environment you need to enjoy privacy and be able to work undistracted, without your domestic life interfering with the professional duties.

A basement offers a lot of possibilities, but many people completely ignore them, because, traditionally, they were taught to see the basement only as a dark and humid room, good only for storing nonperishable food supplies or things they do not need anymore.

However, the basement can be remodeled and arranged as a space good for living, working or enjoying some quality entertainment in your own home.

When you plan a basement remodel project, to turn it into a home office, you will need to focus strictly on functionality and comfort. You do not need too many accessories, unless you have a job that requires as much creativity as possible. Otherwise, the best thing you can do is to set up your home office with as few things as possible that can distract you, in order to boost productivity.  Professionals in the home remodeling like Basement Finish Specialists are recommended to achieve the desired results, and to provide insight you may have not considered.


Why Turning Your Basement into a Home Theater Might Be Beneficial

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If you have dark and dirty basement, used to store various forgotten and useless things, you should know that you can turn it into a beautiful living area, which your family and friends are going to love.

The experience of a projected film is extraordinary, which is why cinemas have not declined in popularity in recent decades. The screen of a TV or laptop cannot offer the same feeling as an image projected on an entire wall. On the other hand, the comfort of your own home will never be matched by a cinema…

Here is how you can get the best of both worlds: turn your cellar into your own home theatre! All you need are a few essentials – a projector, fluffy armchairs, a popcorn maker and you are done! The decor of the basement transformed into a home cinema can easily fit your tastes, so, with a certain investment, you will have a room where you are going to love spending your free time.

To turn your basement into a home theater, you will first need to choose the style of interior design and to make a plan, in order to decide the best location for the lighting and furniture pieces. Use your creativity and consult with a designer to bring your ideas to life!  Finding one of the best in your local community that does basement remodeling Centennial area is a great choice, and helps with getting the project done sooner.

Basement Remodelers vs. DIY – Essential Recommendations to Know

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In general, if you do not have professional training in construction, the best advice is to turn to professionals, when planning a basement remodeling project.

A professional like Basement Finish Specialists is called a professional because they have the knowledge, experience and studies behind them and this is what differentiates them from amateurs. When you choose the specialist for your project, , look for the one who gives you the most information and who is involved in your project from conception to execution.

Even if you refuse to work with them for economic reasons, or because you simply say “I can handle it on my own!”, later this choice may cost you more than having worked with a pro in the first place.

A basement remodeling project is not as simple as it might seem.

In order to give it certain destinations, your basement must be waterproofed against infiltrations. Before actually executing the waterproofing system, you must ensure the protection of the construction through a series of steps: the realization of the drainage and water collection system, the ventilation of the cellar and the elimination of humidity.

The design of the lighting system is also very important.

In terms of design, you need to work with materials that fit in the basement environment and be able to integrate this room into the overall design of your home.


The Top 3 Materials to Use for Basement Finishing This Year

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Autumn is a great time for basement finishing Tuscany projects, because the temperature is ideal.

Here are some material suggestions that you could consider for such a project.

  • Wood and natural stone

For a rustic-style basement, you can opt for materials such as wood and natural stone. They can be complemented, on the decorative side, by plants and natural fiber fabrics. As there is a risk that the humidity will be slightly higher than in the rest of the house, it is advisable to use treated wood and stone, so that these materials have a longer life.

In the basement, wood can be used for wall cladding, furniture or to create various ornaments. As for the stone, it can be used for both floors or walls. You can choose decorative natural stone, river stone or slate. For an elegant look, you can opt for a few marble details. The recommended colors are white, gray or cream, which optically increase the space, without creating a gloomy atmosphere.

  • Brick

Bricks and concrete are best suited for building a basement because they are strong, durable and tolerate moisture and low temperatures.

Over time, the classic brick, made of clay or ceramic, has evolved into various models, one of them being the apparent brick. The apparent brick cladding has a decorative role for the interior walls of the basement, in projects in which the aesthetic element prevails. The great variety of colors and textures available in the case of apparent brick allows it to be used in arrangements regardless of the decorative style chosen for the interior design.


A Few Practical Home Office Remodel Ideas Perfect for WFH

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Working from home is highly popular these days, especially since the Covid pandemics. And creating the right kind of space for working from home is essential not only for your productivity, but also for your overall well-being.

You do not need a lot of money to do a basement finishing Centennial remodel for your home office. But you need to be able to keep the balance between practical solutions and the aesthetic element.

For instance, you can make this space to be more maximalist. The reason lies in the fact that a maximalist space can give you the energy required for keeping your mind focused and productive. The maximalist effect can be obtained with the help of a heavily patterned drapes or wallpapers. A statement console table may be yet another good investment for your WFH office.

A completely black space can be another excellent idea, because dark colors are much less distractive. Moreover, dark colors can help create the sensation of having more space. This is the perfect choice for people who are working with data and statistics.

Giving your already-existing kitchen or dining-room areas a double purpose may be yet another great idea. For creative people, ethereal colors are the most recommended ones. Moreover, beige and brown tones can help create a peaceful, inspiring atmosphere.

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Small Basement

Time To Get More Basement Finishing

The cellar is a versatile area that can be transformed in various ways with the help of an expert basement finishing Traditions area contractor, depending on the space you have at your disposal.

Here are some ideas to get the most out of a small basement.

Transforming your basement into a technical room

Here, you can place the boiler and various other home equipments, including water pumps and different appliances. The technical room can be included in the construction project or can be added to an already built house. But you will have to work with an architect who will make accurate measurements of your basement and help you make the necessary technical documentation to obtain the building permit.

Transforming your basement into a wine cellar

If the basement will be used as a wine cellar, waterproofing the walls, ceiling and floor is mandatory, so that there are no problems with water infiltrations and mold. Many wineries have walls covered in wood, stone or brick – each of these materials can be used to obtain a rustic or elegant design, complemented by adequate accessories and lighting fixtures.

Transforming the basement into an office

In his case too, preliminary waterproofing works are mandatory, but the result is that you will get an intimate workspace, with a minimal investment. Otherwise, you can finish it like a regular office: parquet, office furniture, shelves, sockets, internet access and, possibly, a sofa or coffee table for visiting business partners.


How Finishing Your Basement Adds Value to Your Home

Maximize Basements Remodeling Increase Home Value

During the renovation of the house, improving what is inside the walls can make a big difference, and this also applies to your basement.

For most of us, renovating means modernizing our home, adding more “functionality” or increasing its value. We are usually more concerned with finishes and accessories than things we cannot see, but make no mistake: the hidden elements of a renovation are extremely important too and deserve all the attention!

Renovation is also a good opportunity to improve the comfort, safety and energy performance of your house by adding or improving the insulation.

By implementing such work in your basement, you will be able to transform it into a perfectly functional, clean, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing space, where you can live, work or relax. You will practically expand the living space of your house.

Also, renovating and finishing your basement will protect the rest of the house, as the waterproofing and ventilation will prevent the spread of moisture-related problems.

All these renovating and finishing operations will add value to your home. If you decide to sell it, you will soon realize that prospective clients are interested in paying more for a house with renovated and finished basement, because, in this way, they will not have to go through such work themselves.  Professionals like these will do a superb job!

How to Make Your Basement Remodel Feel Cozy

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By planning a basement remodel project, you can easily transform this room into a cozy area, dedicated to your everyday activities or to your hobbies. In order for the basement to be transformed into a room worthy of living or to assign it a special and unique use, it will be necessary for it to contain certain key functional elements. For this, the basement must be suitable for daily living.

In the process of transforming your basement into an additional living room, you must eliminate things that cause mold and moisture. Use modern methods to eliminate these problems, if they already exist. For example, you can consider replacing the floor, cleaning and whitewashing the walls with special anti-mold solutions, etc.

Check if the walls are insulated; if not, make sure you include this operation in the basement finish Copper Leaf community design process, because a thermally inadequate environment will be anything but cozy.

Make sure you have a ventilation system or consider installing one, because the position of the basement in general favors changes in temperature or humidity, which can be felt in a negative way, on all levels.

Include a separate electrical circuit to prevent the network from being overloaded, and use adequate lighting to create a cozy atmosphere.


10 Things to Ask Your Basement Finishing Contractor before Hiring Them

Ask The Right Questions Basement Finishing Hired Help Contractor Tuscany

Finishing your basement is a process that requires specialized knowledge and skills, so you should find a professional basement finishing Tuscany area contractor if you want the best results and efficiency. However, finding a specialist with experience in basement remodeling is not always easy, not because they are hard to find, but because it takes some time to and evaluate them in order to make sure that you are hiring the best one.

You will have to browse through companies` websites, verify the information you find, read reviews, get in touch with previous clients, contact contractors, study and compare written estimates you receive etc.

These are 10 important questions that will help you get the information you need, when you discuss with various contractors.

  1. How long is your experience in basements finishing projects?
  2. Are you a general construction company, or a basement-only contractor?
  3. Are you licensed?
  4. Do you have insurance?
  5. How about the people your team? Are they all experienced and qualified workers?
  6. Can you give me some references, so I can go see some of the basements you have finished?
  7. Will you give me a free and complete written estimate?
  8. Are you familiar with local building codes?
  9. Will you also pull the permits?
  10. Do you use products that are specially designed for basements?
  11. Can I pick the construction materials from anywhere I want, or you have a selection catalogue of your own materials to choose from?