Great Ideas for Your New Basement

creative ideas thinking about basement refinishing

Basements are versatile spaces with endless potential – while many people use their basements only for storing objects that they use rarely or never, your basement can be converted to serve any purpose, from guest space to the extension of the living space upstairs and from entertainment space to a refuge where you can enjoy some alone time. Here are some ideas about how to use your basement for purposes other than storage:

  • Empty and clean your basement before you decide on its purpose – it is only after you empty and clean the space that you can assess it size, condition and features correctly. When the task is complete, check your basement floor, its walls and the utilities in it to assess the condition of each component and to decide whether each of them can be kept or needs replacement;
  • Decide whether you can do any of the work on your own – while some projects, such as electrical or plumbing work needs skilled professionals, other types of work, such as wall painting, can be done by anyone. If you are willing to put in some work of your own, you can lower your overall costs;
  • Use light colors and layered light – most basements have very small windows or no window at all, so you will need special design solutions to brighten the room. Use light colors on the walls, layered light from multiple sources and light-colored furniture with a few dark accents to add a little contrast.  It is always nice to hire basement refinishing Centennial area professionals when you do a complete overhaul of your basement.
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